Reminders App for Mac OS X 10.8 now Supports ‘Geofencing’

Borrowed from iOS 5, the new Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion now also has a Reminders app. The same with the mobile platform, the app will bring in its ‘geofencing’ feature to all Mountain Lion-enabled Macs, allowing owners to be reminded by their devices based on their current location.

Image via Business Insider

Previously, Apple incorporates Reminders as an iCal feature on older OS X versions. But with the new operating system, it is now an independent application and the iCal was renamed to Calendar. The app’s desktop version has the same layout as the iPhone screen. It is a simple window with a list of tasks, and users can just simply swipe from his or her reminder tasks to completed tasks lists.

At the bottom of the window is a triangle icon button that when tapped shows a more complete user interface. It has a monthly calendar and lists of reminders. It’s also has a search field to make it easy for users to search for through their reminders.

Configuring Your Reminder App

A user can create a new reminder by using an information button. This will help him or her to configure how the app will monitor the tasks he or she created. It could either be a simple to-do list or a task reminder with an alarm. Configuring a reminder to alarm at a specific time will appear on the device’s Notification Center.

At the System Preferences, users are also allowed to configure how events will appear in the Notifications panel. They can either use a banner that will disappear on its own or an alert that will remain on the display until it’s dismissed. Once the Alert notifications are already configured, a window with a Close and Snooze buttons will appear.

Geofencing Support

OS X 10.8’s latest DR2 build supports geofencing, an alert feature that can be triggered based on the device’s location. However, the system will require a Wi-Fi connection to know where the user currently is. It will also ask for user permission before it can be activated.

Once done, users can add a new entry via “remind me: at location,” where he or she can type an address or contact name. There are also available options whether a user wants to be reminded when entering or leaving a specific spot.

The good thing about geofencing is that users can combine it with a date and time reminder. That way, they can receive task notifications at a specific time or when crossing a particular location. The feature is also available on iCloud, enabling users to set reminders across various devices.

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