Apple iPad 3 – Coming to Taiwan this May

Image via Apple

It was reported that Apple’s new iPad, both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 4G models, passed Taiwan’s government certification. As reported on the Chinese online publication Economic Daily News, the latest tablet was found by the National Communications Commission to be in accordance with the country’s wireless law. Other than that, its battery and wall charging unit was also inspected.

Consumer Setbacks

It should be recalled that Apple’s new iPad faced a lot of dispute from users recently. In the US, Consumer Reports made an experiment and reveals that the device is a couple of degrees hotter than its predecessors. However, there were contradicting news stating that the new iPad could be hotter than its previous versions, but not hotter than Android devices. In fact, it only runs on the normal human body temperature.

In addition, there were reports that Apple’s latest tablet has flaws in its charging notification. People from DisplayMate pointed out that the device reveals that it’s fully charged, two hours before it completes the charging cycle. The Cupertino-based company defended that the tablet was designed that way to enable users to plug their device for as long as they want.

As for the consumers from other countries, there have been complaints about the device’s Wi-Fi compatibility. In fact, Australia took the issue to the court after consumers raved that the device cannot support the country’s 4G network. In turn, they have to rely on the slower 3G connectivity. The company responded with a refund for unhappy customers, and updated its retail stores of the issue. Sweden and UK followed suit after experiencing the same setback.

These setbacks were the possible reasons Taiwan NCC decided to check the specs of the new iPad such as the network transmission technology, 4G LTE support and batteries first before hitting the stores. Nevertheless, it only shows that Apple will continue to release its new iPad worldwide despite the unfavorable feedback it receives from other buyers.

No 4G LTE Connectivity Yet

Unfortunately, users from Taiwan can only access the new iPad’s 3G functionality, as the country is yet to introduce the 4G LTE technology. Chunghwa Telecom, the largest wireless network provider in Taiwan only offers up to WCDMA service, while other carriers operates 4G WiMAX networks.


The release of Apple’s new iPad in Taiwan is yet to be known. But if it will be based upon the release of previous tablets in the country, it’s possible that the latest tablet will arrive in the country on May.

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