New Apple MacBook Pro – Slimmer and Lighter

Image via Apple Insider

As reported by DigiTimes, Apple is preparing to start is mass production of thinner and lighter MacBook Pros this month. In particular, the company will manufacture the 15-inch models by mid-April, and it will see initial monthly shipments of 200,000 units. The redesigned notebooks are also expected to be powered by Intel’s next-generationIvyBridgeprocessors.

Following the production of the 15-inch MacBook Pros will be the 13-inch units. It is expected to start building in June with a rather greater initial monthly shipment of around 300,000 to 400,000. DigiTimes’ latest report is consistent with the previous claims that the larger model will go in production first.

MacBook Pro: Going Slimmer and Lighter

It should be recalled that Apple was reportedly planning to cut the fat out of its core products last February. This includes iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. But among these devices, the MacBook Pro is deemed to get the major overhaul this year.

Adopting the traits of the company’s MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro will have an ultrathin enclosure, flash memory-based solid-state drives, instant-on capabilities and extended battery life. Moreover, the redesigned notebook will no longer have an optical drive, making a thinner and lighter design possible. Thus, people should expect that the existing MacBook Pros will be phased out over the course of the year.

Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro is in line with the company’s increase of notebook sales. This also prompts other manufacturers to retool their offerings based on the company’s sleek designs.

Under the Hood: Intel Ivy Bridge Processor and HD 4000 Graphics

In addition, the redesigned MacBook Pros will carry Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors and HD 4000 graphics under the hood. The chip boasts improvements over itsSandyBridgepredecessor. In a benchmark created by AnandTech, the next-generation processor can boost CPU performance from 5% to 15% and integrated GPU performance from 20% to 50%. Intel is planning to release theIvyBridgeprocessor later this month.

More Ultrathin Notebooks will Hit the Streets

After shortage in hard drives was resolved, last month saw a recovery of notebook sales. Thus, it will be a no-brainer if more ultrathin notebooks will make an appearance on stores in the future. This is also due to Intel’s Thin Basic, a project that promotes notebooks with ultrathin design and wide array of choices with a price range of $600-$1,000.

Because of the existence of MacBook Air, Apple was able to prompt its competitors to tap their market using with a slim and light notebook design. Hence, the company will take advantage of the “battle of the ultrathin devices” by overhauling its core products.

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