C-LAW x Addict Ahab “Camo”

Say hello to my little camouflaged friend! Too hip hop for you? Remember in the movie, Apocalypse Now when Marlon Brando tells Martin Sheen, “I’ve seen horrors… horrors that you’ve seen, but you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me, you have a right to do that, but you have no right to judge me.”

That was cool. It has absolutely nothing to do with this shoe, other than the camouflage design pattern reminding me of war. What you’re looking at is a collaboration between a clothing company out of the UK called, Addict and a very cool, somewhat underground, sneaker site called Crooked Tongues. Together they’ve joined forces to bring you the C-Low x Camo. Pretty sick, huh? That gum sole saved the day because if they would have put this shoe on top of a black or while sole, it would look completely “whack!” (The leather laces are a great touch.) This design was first released in 2011 and you can easily get yourself a pair by ordering them over the Internet, international shipping is only 8 bucks! The sizing will be a trick though, because they’re only listed in UK sizes. Just Google yourself a sizing chart to find what size you would wear if living in the UK.

Addict first came out as a menswear label in 1996. Over the years they’ve been able to develop a signature style of street wear, mixing casual wear with all of the benefits of high quality high-spec outerwear. These mid top Ahabs feature a hand sewn moccasin style toe box, a boat shoe lacing set up around the heel and a padded ribbed ankle support. Other added features include a two layer gum sole, metallic eyelets, a canvas lined inner and an embossed leather brand tab on the tongue. Once again, there are only available online.

By the way, the website you will be using to order these shoes also has all kinds of different cool stuff. They have pretty much everything you will ever need to look legit. All of the major brands are there: Adidas, Brixton, Vans, Puma, Converse, Edwin, Dickies, Fred Perry, Dr. Martins, Gravis, Lacoste, etc, etc. They’re also included an accessories section filled with a vast selection of other cool picks. Towels, belts, hats, rings, water bottles, key chains, you name it – they have it!

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