Le Coq Sportif Provencale Leather

Le Coq Sportif, better known as “The Athletic Rooster,” is a company out of France that specializes in making sports shoes, shorts and t-shirts. First founded in 1882 by a woman named Emile Camuset, the first clothing item actually featuring the rooster brand didn’t come out until 1948. The brand name originates from the Gallic rooster, which is the national symbol of France.

Today I’m showing you the Provencale Leather. This plimsole shoe is inspired by the French game of Petanque or “boules.” The upper is made of premium cream chalk leather and suede, topped on a very boldly textured gum cup sole. Other features include a small embossed branding on the inner toe box and metallic branding on the outside mid quarter. But they didn’t stop there, the shoe also has chalk trim around the lace up, brushed metal eyelets, elasticated heel tab and premium canvas lined inner. This shoe is slammin’!

Other colors offered are gray/cream and brown/cream. Le Coq Sportif is very popular in South Korea and Japan, where famous Korean golfer, Yang Yong-eun, won the PGA Championship wearing a Le Coq Sportif shirt (they also have an endorsement deal with NBA basketball player Joakim Noah. In Japan, Le Coq Sportif teamed up with Sou to create handmade shoes. They also produced a design of shoes with the Japanese creator, Kamishima Chinami. Back in Korea, they teamed up with the car manufacturer Peugeot to make a shoe named the “Peugeot 207cc.” Unfortunately, the shoe was recalled in the year 2009 for a product fault, when the fabric used was exposed to water, the stitching would fall apart. This little problem cost Le Coq Sportif millions of dollars in revenue. Still, it’s pretty cool they made a shoe based on a car. I’ve never heard of another shoe company doing that.

Le Coq Sportif is also very popular with football, including sponsorship deals with tons of football clubs, such as Sheffield United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Carlisle United, Queens Park Rangers and Everton F.C. The list goes on and it doesn’t stop at football. Le Coq Sportif is also involved with the cycling teams Quick Step Innergetic and Team Milram. They also supported the Tottenham Hotspur team which won the FA Cup in the years 1981 and 1982, plus the FIFA World Cup winning teams of Italy in 1982 and Argentina in 1986. Le Coq Sportif is involved! That plus the fact they make awesome product should be enough to motive you to buy a pair of these shoes.

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