Imogene + Willie Pajamas Hits

Who doesn’t want to wear pajamas everyday? Can you imagine wearing pajama bottoms to work? Imogene + Willie could make that happen for you, but be careful. This could lead to you becoming a full blown comfort junkie. One day you’re wearing pajama bottoms to work and the next sandals to a wedding. Imogene + Willie is a clothing label based on the grandparents of the designers, Carrie and Matt. The two are very into family and the different American traditions involved in learning from each other. Their family has shared it’s up and downs, and the two designers are heavily influenced by the experiences. This is documented in detail on their website under, “Our Story.”

The clothes are cool, the denim looks great. The pricing is a bit steep, but you get what you pay for (long lasting quality clothes.) I’m not exactly sure how you’re supposed to pull off these pajama like pants without looking like a prisoner working on the chain gang in 1931, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Any ideas? Maybe if worn with a nice pair of leather shoes, you would appear like a very stylish dude and not like you just woke up on the couch. Whatever you do, don’t wear these with a simple t-shirt. You must drown out the lazy vibe with a nice pair of shoes and possibly a nice button up, see what you can come up with.

On a more interesting note, Imogene + Willie suggest washing your jeans in the ocean or possibly a creek behind your house (no joke.) A river maybe? Anything but a washing machine. They believe getting the perfect wash is a mystery and they’re not closing their eyes to any other suggestions. Imogene + Willie break it down like so:

1. Don’t forget your jeans when making the journey to said river or creek.

2. Make sure to get the jeans really wet. You can even wear them into the water.

3. Detergent is a huge no-no! Most are made with petroleum based and harmful to the environment.

4. Use your hands, bark or a stone to scrub your jeans with.

5. Once satisfied your denim is clean, throw them over a tree limb to dry.

6. Have fun, enjoy your surroundings!

7. When the jeans are dry, they will be stiff. You can beat them back into submission by slapping them against a tree.

8. Enjoy your clean jeans!

So what do you think? It all sounds pretty cool to me!

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