How Kanye West Scored Kim Kardashian

There’s probably no story bigger right now than the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Every gossip site, like TMZ, to actual respected new sites, The Wall Street Journal, have been covering the romance between the two celebrities.

Yes. Everyone is talking about Kanye and Kim. Everyone wants to share dirt and speculation about their status. There are even people who have said that the whole thing is a marketing ploy. Honestly, we could care less about any of that. What we really care about is how Mr. West scored a hottie like Kim Kardashian.

While Kanye doesn’t need any help in the ego-department, we’re going to give him props. It’s not everyday that a guy lands a girl like that, especially when said guy defies the typical-how-to pick-up-a-hottie beliefs. In weird way, we could learn a lot from Kanye.

Kanye Gave Kim “Theraflu”


Typically, if a dude writes a song, some poetry, etc. for a girl he’s perceived as less-manly than the average male. Even women could be turned off by this sign of sensitivity. But, we’re forgetting that Kanye is in fact a musician, whether or not you like his music isn’t the debate. What we’re saying is that men involved in the world of art always express their feelings in some artistic way.

While “Threaflu” most likely won’t become a classic, just remember that one of the greatest love songs ever, Layla, was written about Eric Clapton’s love for his best friend’s wife, who was George Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd. In the end, Clapton was totally able to steal the wife away from a Beatle. If it worked for Clapton and “Layla”, maybe it worked for Kanye and “Theraflu”. Sometimes the way to woo a woman is through a song for the world to hear.

Keeping Things ‘Light’ and ‘Fun’

It’s been said that the couple are keeping things light, and we’d like to add fun. They did the cliche movie outing, which is always a classic after the important first date. But, we’re intrigued by the fact that Kanye surprised Kim by having an entire floor of FAO Schwarz roped off so they could get a private lesson from a guy who taught them how to play “Chopsticks” on the over-sized piano featured in the movie Big“.

OK. Most of us don’t have the means to pull off such a surprise, but it shows that Kanye was able to impress Kim by doing something fun and romantic, which almost all of us can do even if we’re not loaded. That’s probably what most woman want. A guy that can surprise them and act like a kid while being romantic. Sounds difficult, but is it really that difficult to find your inner child?

Proving Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Us men have probably been told countless times to be chivalrous. Then, as life goes on, we witness a majority of beautiful women get involved with the biggest douches around. So, why be a gentleman? Well, here’s another lesson from Kanye that proves chivalry isn’t dead and women actually fall for it.

When the couple recently went out to lunch with some friends, “Kanye helped Kim put on her jacket when they got up to leave. He affectionately adjusted her collar”.

He gets bonus points when Kim’s friend said: ‘Oh, you guys are so cute!’

Breaking Out of the Friend Zone

It’s been reported that Kanye and Kim have been friends for some eight years. While the two admit that they may have flirted with each other, they never acted upon it. Personally, I’m sure many of us have been here before. We’ve had a girl that we’re into, but have unfortunately gotten thrown into the dreaded “friend zone”, even if there were moments that it seemed more than that. Sometimes we give up. Other times we move on and accept the cards we’ve been dealt.

But, there are definitely stories of couples who started out as friends. Maybe one or both of them were in relationship. Maybe they just weren’t ready for a serious relationship. Regardless, it’s still a massive accomplishment for any guy that’s been stuck in the friend zone. It gives all of us hope. You never know what will happen in the future. There’s always a chance that you can break out of the friend zone and hook up with the girl you’ve been wanting for years.

Perfect Timing

Even if the whole relationship between Kanye and Kim is a publicity sham, it’s still perfect timing. Kim loves being in the spotlight and Kanye could use it to sell records. But, if it is real, it still shows that timing is a big deal when beginning a relationship.

We’ve already mentioned that the two have been friends for years, but they were involved with other people. Since they were both recently single they were ready to give dating each other a chance. This goes to show that you should never say never. Maybe when the time is right you could score a hottie just like Kanye has with Kim Kardashian.

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