Rumor Alert: Ivy Bridge-powered iMacs coming this June

Image via Apple Insider

In a report posted by Economic Daily News, design manufacturer Quanta Computer and chassis supplier Foxconn Technology are expected to be the key supplier for the redesigned iMacs. The Chinese industry website posted the news following a separate rumor issued last Wednesday. The rumor stated that Apple will launch its new all-in-one desktops with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor under the hood.

What the Rumors Say

Tech and gadget website How to Arena cited a “reliable tipster” last April 4, claiming that Apple’s new iMacs will be powered by Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors. In addition, the AIO desktops are expected to hit the stores after the updated MacBook Pros’ release.

There were reports suggesting that the company is also planning to overhaul its 15-inch notebooks with Ivy Bridge, and could debut as soon as this month. The company will also release the 13-inch models afterwards.

On the other hand, Intel will release its Ivy Bridge on April 29. Considering the release of the next-generation processor and the new line of MacBooks, it is possible that people will see the redesigned iMacs as early as June. The claims are becoming stronger, as DigiTimes reported that the redesigned MacBook Pros are slated for a second-quarter 2012 release, which will conclude in June. In addition, the notebooks will adapt the characteristics of MacBook Air.

What to Expect on the new iMac

According to previous reports, Apple’s new iMac will feature an anti-reflective glass display from G-Tech. This is a first for the company, as the display was only offered to MacBook as a build-to-order option. Furthermore, the desktop is expected to be slimmer than its predecessors.

There is also a recent company filing that reveals techniques for a new, slim-form keyboard. This only indicates that Apple is planning to ship slimmer peripherals with the AIO desktop.

In October 2009, Apple launched the 21.5 and 27-inch aluminum-clad iMac models that feature LED-backlit displays and edge-to-edge glass design. It was followed in May 2011, wherein the company added high-definition FaceTime cameras and high-speed Thunderbolt ports. The current iMacs are powered by Intel Sandy Bridge processors and AMD Radeon HD graphics.


Other than the iMac and MacBook Pro, Apple is also planning to release slimmer model of its core devices. The Cupertino-based company is preparing a hardware redesign for its iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air this year.

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