Now Available: Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T

Image via Nokia

Finland-based phone manufacturer Nokia released its Lumia 900 for AT&T last Easter Sunday. Carrying a price tag of $99.99 on a two-year contract, the device is the largest of its family and is packed with Long Term Evolution technology. There were also claims that AT&T offers an unlocked version of the handset for $498.

Features and Specs

Other than the 4G LTE connectivity, Nokia Lumia 900 also features a 4.3-inch multitouch-enabled 480×800 pixels capacitive AMOLED screen. It is powered by a standard Lithium-ion 1830 mAh battery that could last up to 300 hours on standby and runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

The device is HTML5 ready and has a 16 GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM. It also boasts Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, 8-megapixels Carl Zeiss optics camera with dual-LED flash, 720p HD video recording, Qualcomm’s APQ8055 Snapdragon processor, accelerometer and geo-tagging capabilities.

Wrong Timing for a Release Day

Unfortunately, many potential buyers were not able to get their hands on the new Nokia Lumia 900 on its release day. Since it was launched on Easter Sunday, most AT&T and Microsoft stores were closed last April 8. This forced some customers to buy online; if not trudge on foot to see what stores are open in their local area. As posted by Brian Chen of New York Times:

“It’s difficult to imagine that American shoppers will scout for an AT&T store that’s open on Easter just to try a Lumia 900. And for companies, day one sales are important, because they can serve as a measure of the public’s excitement about a product and determine how it will sell over all.”

Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Apple’s iPhone 4

AT&T’s pricing for Nokia Lumia 900 pits against the telecomm’s best-seller, Apple’s iPhone 4. It was priced to $99.99 on contract since its successor, the iPhone 4S, arrived.

An AT&T subscriber looking for a new device could either get the iPhone 4 or the latest Lumia. However, Apple’s handset is stalwart and flexible, takes less space in a user’s pocket and has a better camera.

On the other hand, Nokia’s latest handset has 4G LTE connectivity. Its display may be a pixel short, but it has high color accuracy, contrast and broad viewing angles because of the AMOLED technology. It also has a nice email client, a cool user interface that neatly groups and deletes files, a great Zune service and a voice mail service that lets you delete messages without calling.

This only means that although Apple iPhone 4 is a strong device to challenge, the Nokia Lumia 900 has its own set of features to offer.

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