3 AT&T LTE Markets, Now Available

Texas-based telecommunications company AT&T previously announced that it will open three new LTE markets this week. In time for the Easter Sunday, the telecom launched its 4G LTE towers in Bloomington and Muncie in Indiana and Bryan-College Station in Texas. This is in line with the network’s 12-market expansion, which includes Cleveland, Akron and Canton in Ohio; Naples in Florida, Lafayette in Indiana, Baron Rouge in Louisiana, New Orleans, St. Louis and Staten Island in New York.

The Benefits of AT&T’s 4G LTE Network

It’s a no-brainer what AT&T’s 4G LTE network can offer. With the lighting up of high-speed towers in Bloomington, Muncie and Bryan-College Station, this will enable their subscribers to enjoy widespread, ultra-fast and consistent 4G speed on their compatible device. Other than that, the telecom also shared the following benefits:

Faster Speed: The Long Term Evolution technology can provide speed that is faster than many other mobile Internet technologies. In turn, subscribers can stream, download, upload and play games faster than ever before.

Cool Handsets: AT&T offers cool smartphone and tablets that are capable with their 4G network such as Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Note and Pantech Element Tablet.

Lower Response Latency: The ultra-fast network offers shorter processing time to move data through a network. Thus, it improves various services like two-way video calling and mobile gaming.

Efficient Wireless Spectrum: Since wireless spectrum is a limited resource, the LTE technology efficiently uses it to create more space and carry data traffic for a better network experience.

According to the Vice President and General Manager for AT&T South Texas Christopher Penrose:

“We continue to see demand for mobile Internet skyrocket, and our 4G LTE network in Bryan-College Station responds to what customers want from their mobile experience –– more, faster, on the best devices.”

The company’s Vice President and General Manager for Indiana and Michigan Brian Ducharme has the same opinion with regards to their Bloomington and Muncie LTE markets.

Closing the Gap against Verizon

Although AT&T’s fledgling network offers high-speed 4G connectivity, they still have some catching up to do in terms of coverage with the competing network, Verizon. Their 12-market expansion closes the gap a little bit. In fact, they are planning to spread out the footprint of their newly-lit LTE markets in the coming months.

Covering almost 250 million people nationwide, the telecom has two 4G networks: The LTE and HSPA+. These networks work together and provide enhanced backhaul, which enable subscribers to access the ultra-fast network using their compatible devices as they move in and out of LTE areas.

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  1. Guy says:

    Where is the LTE in Cleveland?
    i am waiting for this since Sunday…ATT local says before the summer it will arrive to Cleveland.