New Apple iPhone Release Coming in October – iPhone 5?

South Korean tech website Maeil Business Newspaper revealed that Apple is preparing to debut its next-generation iPhone this October. In addition, the head of human resources of Foxconn’s Taiyuan, China factory shared that the Cupertino-based company has recently placed its order for its upcoming mobile device.

This rumor is supported by the fact that the factory posted a number of job notices recently. The official confirmed to Apple Insider that they are hiring a large number of employees lately, as they are preparing to assemble Apple’s next iPhone. Furthermore, there were also recent reports which claim that the next handset will be equipped with Long Term Evolution technology.

Heading to a Fall 2012 Launch

It was rumored that the next-generation iPhone is slated for an October 2012 debut, a year after iPhone 4S was released. Last year’s launch of the current-generation mobile device was a first for the company, since Apple usually debut its handsets around June or July. It now takes the place of the iPod fall event, which sees a smaller portion of the company’s business nowadays.

Furthermore, Apple is said to continue to release new handsets every fall in the coming years. This move makes sense, since releasing a new iPhone in time for holidays has proved to be successful. In fact, the company was able to sell 37 million iPhone units during the last quarter of 2011. As a result, they were able to achieve 128% unit growth from the 2010 holidays.

Contradicting Reports

Although the October 2012 launch of Apple’s next iPhone seems promising, it contradicts previous reports that the company might release the upcoming mobile device in June. A Foxconn Taiyuan employee also claimed in a Japanese TV show, World Business Satellite, that they are looking for 18,000 workers to assemble the next-generation handset.

What makes this claim questionable is the fact that it came from a recruitment personnel. It’s unclear how he was able to know Apple’s release schedule when the company is quite known for its high-level secrecy. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether the new iPhone will have a summer or fall release.

The Name Game

Because the fifth iPhone iteration was labeled iPhone 4S, many enthusiasts were arguing whether the next-generation handset will be labeled iPhone 5 or not. Apple’s current mobile device is indeed the fifth installation, although the naming structure went a bit sideways because of the “4S” label.

However, some Apple fans pointed out that the company might drop the naming structure altogether. Otherwise, people will have “iPhone 10” in the future. Considering that the third-generation iPad was labeled as the “new iPad,” it’s possible that the next iPhone will be called the “new iPhone.”

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