Max Payne 3, Now Available for Pre-order

Following the previous reports that Max Payne 3 will be released worldwide sometime this May for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, game developer Rockstar Games launched their latest title for pre-order. MP3 will be available in Standard and Special Edition, carrying a tag price of $59.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Max Payne 3: Standard Edition

The standard edition of Max Payne 3 will be available on Rockstar Gamehouse, Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Amazon and Best Buy. What makes this offer good is the fact that gamers can avail for a pre-order bonus.

Gamestop’s pre-order option includes an early access to the Cemetery Multiplayer map and Pill Bottle loadout when a gamer grabs his copy before April 15. Amazon, on the other hand, offers the Deadly Force Burst multiplayer perk and Pill Bottle loadout to players if they pre-ordered before April 15.

Best Buy makes the most surprising pre-order so far, as the online retailer offers a free download of Max Payne 3’s first map pack downloadable content. Although no details of what maps will be included in the DLC or when its release date would be, free is free after all. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart doesn’t have any pre-order bonus posted on its website.

Max Payne 3: Special Edition

Available at Gamestop only, MP3’s special edition is ideal for players who are looking for the game’s premium content. Other than the digital character and weapon packs, the $99.99-worth edition includes the following:

  • A copy of Max Payne 3
  • TriForce and Rockstar Game’s collaborated 10-inch tall Max Payne collectible statue
  • Game-inspired Original Still Life Art Prints
  • Copper and brass-plated iron Bullet Keychain with screw-off back
  • Classic Multiplayer Character Pack that features eight playable multiplayer characters such as May Payne, Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem
  • Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons, which includes Hammerhead Auto Shotgun, G9 Grenade Launcher and Molotov cocktail
  • Max Payne 3’s official soundtrack and instrumental score

You need to hurry though, because the offer is only good until the supplies last.

No More Max Payne 3 Demos

If you were unable to see the demo of Max Payne 3 at Penny-Arcade Exposition or PAX East last weekend, you might not get another chance to do so. Rockstar Games posted a tweet this weekend that “There are no plans for a demo of Max Payne 3.”

Considering that MP3 is a linear game, it would be a candidate for demo though. However, Rockstar generally doesn’t exhibit their titles. Nevertheless, it’s understandable if the game developer would want to exhaust their manpower and energy in pulling off Max Payne 3 this year.

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