Apple’s Next iPhone Will Have Unibody Case

In a note issued by analyst Brian White and Topeka Capital Markets to investors last Monday, it was reported that some Apple suppliers will begin producing the components of its next-generation iPhone this June. This goes in line with the rumor that the upcoming mobile device will have a fall 2012 debut.

‘Sleek’ Unibody Case for the next iPhone

White also added in his note that the Apple’s sixth mobile iteration will have 4-inch screen and 4G LTE connectivity. He also suggested that the handset will require a unibody case.

“In our view, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade with a four-inch screen and a new, sleek look that we believe will require a unibody case. This new, sleek look will be the most important reason that consumers decide to upgrade.”

Last year, indication of what the next-generation iPhone will look like made a buzz when third-party vendors started manufacturing cases for the handset. It was in July 2011 when Chinese case makers have started distributing cases for the said device. Featuring curved corners and locating the vibrate switch on the opposite side of the iPhone 4, the said cases are claimed to be “everywhere in China now.”

After that, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore made a note to investors last September 2011, mentioning that the so-called iPhone 5 will feature an 8-megapixel camera and a larger edge-to-edge screen size. Prior to that, Apple’s next mobile device was rumored to sport an aluminum back to make it lighter, followed by a claim that it will use a metal chassis. It is also believed that the handset will look largely similar as the current model.

What Lies Ahead for Apple

White believes that the release of the upcoming mobile device on the last quarter of this year would push the company’s stock closer to Topeka’s $1,001 estimate. Last week, the firm estimated that the iPhone maker will reach a staggering $1,001 company share because of its dominance in the consumer electronics market. As white stated:

“Driven by an ever expanding portfolio of innovative products, a growing integrated digital grid, unmatched aesthetics and a brand that is able to touch the soul of consumers of all backgrounds, Apple fever is spreading like wildfire around the world and we see no end in sight to this trend.”

Other than the sixth mobile iteration, Apple is also rumored to create a full-blown integrated television and a so-called 7.85-inch iPad Mini. White also speculates that the new iPad will arrive in mainland China this May.

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