New Roku HD hits the Shelves

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Following its FCC filing last month, the new Roku HD is now available on brick-and-mortar stores together with the Roku 2 XD and XS models. Priced at $60, the miniature media streamer is the cheapest model that hit the shelves today. This device could attract casual and budget constrained shoppers who are looking to fulfill their Pandora or Netflix needs for an affordable price.

The FCC Filing Discovery

It was reported that the new Roku HD was filed at the Federal Communications Commission last month, making it an addition to the manufacturer’s lineup of media streamers. The FCC filing reveals that it features composite output and a more compact 3.5 mm composite adapter. These specs were dropped from the previous iterations of Roku products.

Other than that, the device got an upgraded remote control with quick launch buttons. FCC also revealed that the media streamer will have a 2 GB NAND flash memory and Broadcom BCM7208 processor. The filing was made when the manufacturer labeled the Roku 2 HD on their website as “out of stock.” This suggests that the recent product will soon replace it.

Inside the Roku HD

The new Roku HD has a round design and purple flair. It features a 720p playback; while technology writer John Falcone pointed out that the media streamer dropped its Bluetooth and SD slot. The good thing about this product is that it can connect to older TVs.

What makes the news baffling is that Roku is also promoting the Roku 2 HD online. For the same price, it offers more than 400 entertainment channels and hundreds of free movies, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, expandable memory slot with Bluetooth and a 720p playback. It has the similar features of Roku LT, other than the expandable memory slot and Bluetooth connectivity.

The discovery of Roku HD suggests that it is the lower-end version of what’s posted on the manufacturer’s website. The reason behind Roku ditching the cool features and offering the media streamer at the same price is unclear. The product is also yet to appear on their website or in Amazon. Nevertheless, this might be their way to boost profit margins. Meanwhile, they remained quiet with regards to the discovery of their product or their plans.

Roku now has four boxes, and if none of them disappears, the Roku HD will be considered their fifth media streamer. The latest product also suggests that the manufacturer might follow Apple’s footsteps in removing the numerical suffix in their naming schemes.

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