Nokia Offers Fix and $100 Credit on Lumia 900 Software Glitch

Last Monday, Findland-based phone manufacturer Nokia confirmed the software glitch on its Lumia 900, which disables users to connect to the Internet. According to the company’s US chief Chris Weber, the problem was due to the memory management of the phone’s software. He also pointed out that it has nothing to do with the device’s hardware or with AT&T’s network.

More Nokia Lumia 900 Issues

Other than the Internet connection issues, AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg made a review of the Nokia Lumia 900 earlier this month. The mobile phone runs on AT&T’s networks; thus, its 4G LTE capability is only available to 32 markets, compared to Verizon’s 203. In turn, owners could only rely on HSDPA+ – just an enhanced version of 3G.

The device also features an underwhelming battery life, browser and image quality. It only has 70,000 third-party apps, a far cry from Android’s 450,000 and iOS’ 600,000 applications. There is no way that a user could buy a TV show, movie or magazine and newspaper applications straight from the handset either.

The Fix is on the Way

Nokia is already manufacturing new Lumia 900 with the software fix, and the handsets will be shipped to AT&T stores. Thus, mobile owners who are experiencing the Internet connection problem can swap their handsets at the telecom’s shops. They could also opt to download the software fix via Zune or on their PC beginning April 16.

Other than the fix, the company is also offering a $100 credit to all customers who purchased the Nokia Lumia 900, regardless if they’ve experienced the software glitch or not. It will come automatically to a user’s AT&T bill as a credit. However, the offering is only available to those who purchased and who will buy the new Nokia handset before midnight of April 21 PT.

This could cost much for the phone manufacturer, but Weber cleared that the expense is not an issue. They are focused on how they would handle such issues, although this is not their plan of introducing the Lumia 900 to the market. The mobile device was designed to become the company’s flagship product in reestablishing their presence as a major smartphone manufacturer in the US.


Regardless of the feature drawback and the issue that Nokia Lumia 900 faced, Weber’s visit to Chicago stores affirmed that there’s a strong enthusiasm for the handset. That’s despite the fact that the device went on sale on an Easter Sunday.

“We’re seeing incredible customer excitement and buzz. I think we have a very compelling device that customers are excited about.”

Other than that, the company hopes that they will be remembered more on how they handled the problem.

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