Apple iTunes 11 Release Coming – Get Ready

Apple has allegedly started seeding its iTunes 11 internally, the next major release of their digital media applications for computers. The app’s development started before iTunes 10.6 was released, and it is said that the upcoming iteration focuses on under-the-hood changes. However, it is said that the company developed various portions of the products at different times, so the output will likely include user interface changes and more visible features.

Inside the Box: iOS 6 and iCloud Support

Various reports suggest that Apple created iTunes 11 to have iOS 6 and iCloud integration. This comes as a no-brainer since the Cupertino-based company has a history of releasing its digital media player iteration with a new iOS version. However, there were rumors that it is yet to be released, as the company is more likely to launch another iTunes 10.x for its next mobile operating system.

Other than that, iTunes 11 has an increased presence of iCloud integration. It has a dedicated and centralized iCloud settings panel, which will enable users to access iCloud-related features while using their digital media player. This also includes features like iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, iCloud iOS device backups and more.

Apple’s iTunes Store, Heading for a Revamp

Other than the anticipated release of iTunes 11 and iOS 6, the iTunes Store and App Store are also said to have a major revamp for a summer-to-fall launch. Last February, it was reported that Apple will overhaul its iTunes Store after receiving a number of user complaints on how difficult it is to find content for their iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

Making “interactivity” as a cornerstone element, the redesigned iTunes Store will be simpler and more user-friendly. Apple said that it’s working on ways to enhance the speed and efficiency of finding new content such as music, videos and apps for their iOS devices.

In relation to this, Apple also acquired Chomp, a search engine for application, earlier this year. It was followed by a number of rumors, suggesting that people at the app search engine has been integrated into a team that works on enhancing the application discovery on iTunes.

Apple can pull off the interactivity that they want in the digital store if they would house it within a full-fledged application instead of a web browser. After all, the aim of the iTunes Store is to be a dominant in-application download store instead of a browser-based online store.

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