Upgraded V8 Vantage by Aston Martin Gets a Price Tag

Last February, it was reported that the British car manufacturer Aston Martin upgraded its V8 Vantage for 2012. This is aimed to keep the entry-level sybarite in line with the luxurious sports cars in Gaydon, Warwickshire in England.

Under the Hood: Upgraded V8 Vantage by Aston Martin

As standard equipment, Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage for 2012 retains its 4.7-liter, 420-hp V8 and six-speed manual. However, it adopted Vantage S’ exterior treatments and the optional seven-speed Sportshift II. This automatic transmission has closer ratios, lower final drive ratio and quicker shifts than its previous unit.

The upgraded sybarite also has an improved steering ratio, 15-inch two-piece front disk brakes and 0.4-inch wider tires. It also has a hill-start assist for an effortless profiling in San Francisco, and tires with 10 mm wide center section.

According to the car manufacturer, the V8 Vantage coupe’s US pricing starts at $118, 370. Meanwhile, the drop-top roadster model is tagged at $132,370.

Is the Upgrade worth the Price?

Although the updated grand tourer coupe is beautiful and has a superb styling, there are other car enthusiasts who are at odds if the enhancement is worth the price. It may boast 35 horsepower more than a Jaguar XK Coupe has, but is it enough to make a $50,000 difference?

On the contrary, other Aston-aspirant sporting gentlemen would argue that the two cars are not in the same ballpark. They are also pointing out that the price properly reflects the V8 Vantage’s upgrade. That’s because the paint, interior materials and design makes the car stand alone and elevate into its own segment. In the end, the updated sybarite still remains the dream car for most of the luxury sports car fans.

Other Vantage Models

Other than the V8 Vantage, the hotter Vantage S also got an upgrade. It now has an additional 10 hp, 361 lb-ft of torque and more standard equipment. It can also be equipped with a carbon fiber-detailed aerodynamics package. However, a potential owner will have to shell out $137,670 if he wants to drive one of the Vantage S models.

Meanwhile, the powerful Vantage V12 is still available, with its 6.0-liter, 510-hp engine that delivers a 190 mph top speed. But if you’re looking for a pinnacle of Vantage line with a combined Italian design and Aston Martin technology, V12 Zagato makes the cut.

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