Ray-Ban Legends Collection

Ray-Ban was first created in the year 1936, when an American test pilot returned home from a balloon flight and complained about the sun permanently damaging his eye sight. His name was John A. Macready and he soon reached out to Bausch & Lomb, asking them to design to sunglasses that would protect a pilot’s eyes and also look sophisticated. On May 7th, 1937, the first ever Aviators were born. The first prototype was known as the “Anti-Glare.” Army pilots and police officers almost instantly took to the style and made them a must have for anyone in either profession. Even to this day, a cop or pilot Halloween costume isn’t complete until a pair of Aviators is included. Even Eric Cartman from South Park wears a pair when he dresses up in his famous policeman uniform.

“Respect my authoritYY!!”

You get the point. The only problem being, most people don’t like cops, nor do they want to look like one. Because of this popularity declined in the 1980s. Ray-Ban countered this by signing a 50,000 dollar a year contract to have the brand featured in movies and television programs. In the late 2000s, the Wayfarer design exploded in popularity with British pop culture and American Hipsters. Even I own a pair.

Today we are showing you a few gems from Ray-Bans “Legends Collection.” This line includes the Aviator, Laramie, Round and Meteor. All designs come in a few different color selections and they are all worth your time (both male and female.) Oddly enough, the Wayfarer isn’t included, but at this point Ray-Ban no longer needs to advertise this design, people are going to buy them regardless. Ray-Ban describes the Legends Collection as a re-invention of four classic designs, all offered in three vintage lens colors, sealing the deal for that “original look.” Everyone from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan wore Ray-Bans. The Ramones, The Blues Brothers, Elvis Costello, they all wear one design or another. Remember Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Tom Cruise is also credited as helping to make the brand popular by wearing Aviators in the movie Top Gun. Even Michael Jackson wore Ray-Bans. What more street credit does this company possibly need? Think of your favorite band. I have no idea who this could be, but willing to bet my life on the fact the members own at least one pair of Ray-Bans. So do yourself a favor and check out this new Legends Collection, your face will thank you.

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