The Legendary Puma Roma Colorways

It began when two German brothers who made sports shoes together and got into a huge fight after joining the Nazi Party. They split paths to make their own private shoe companies, one being Adidas and the other Puma. Is this ringing any bells? In the very beginning the company was known as Ruda, but later changed the name to Puma.

The first logo featured a square with a beast jumping through a “D.” This would no longer work with the name change, so designers came up with the distinctive “formstripe” the company is known for today. Adidas had the 3 stripes, Puma the formstripe. Starting in 1948, the two brothers entered a fierce rivalry that would last well into the 1960s.

Puma quickly pulled ahead in 1948, by having several members of the West German national football team wear their shoes (this being the first match after World War II.) Four years later, Olympic runner, Josy Barthel, brought Puma its first Olympic gold metal.

In 2012, Puma Roma colorways were being introduced. Roma features include: leather upper for long wear and serious style, lace up closure with padded tongue for secure fit, cushioned midsole with orthopedic arch support for comfort and stability and a rubber outsole for serious grip. These are things that make this show an icon for the company, first released in 1968. Is the Roma Puma’s top seller? I’m guessing yes.

This shoe is a classic! It’s also extremely light and basically feels like air on your feet. Before I forget, other new colorways offered are White Team Regal Red, White Palace Blue New Navy, White Black, and Black White Puma Silver. I’m showing you the White Classic Green, but also heavily recommend the Black White Puma Silver (take my word for it.) You won’t be disappointed in neither. In the year 2011, along with Nike, Adidas, and Abercrombie & Fitch, Puma was accused of polluting the Yangtza and Pearl River in China. The company is currently working with Greenpeace in order to find a solution.

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