Casper Smart Goes Viral in Bumble Bee Video

Well, now that backup dancer Casper Smart is usually becoming a staple in biz news since he’s sticking it to his big star of a girlfriend / sugar mama like “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, many are digging the man’s past.

It has now got them results as they already unearthed a rather very normal video but then call it “embarrassing.”

For starters, the video starred Casper Smart as the main bee complete with the stinger and antennae and is doing moves to a rather nice music mix.

Then, there is no “embarrassing” in there, unless you call starting decently somewhere in your craft in a decent dance video “embarrassing.”

In the video is a man dancing his way up to where he is right now.

Well, he is really not “Dancing of the Stars” big, but he is banging JLo big!

So, either that or that reality dance show.

[Thanks Bricks & Stones]

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