Apple’s New Authoring Tool Lets Anyone Build iOS Apps

In a patent application published this week, it was revealed that Apple wants to make it simpler for developers to create an iOS app. Entitled “Content Configuration for Device Programs,” the new authoring tool would allow users to create content even without an intensive knowledge in computer code. This means that even non-programmers may soon create an iOS application.

Programming Drawbacks

Using “What You See is What You Get” software, developers can create content on a graphical user interface like webpage development tool. However, Apple noted that this has a couple of limitations. In the end, the authoring tool would still require users to make minimal hands-on code editing.

The patent application also states that the current tools could make it difficult for a non-programmer to create an application that can be optimally viewed on multiple screens. As of the moment, iOS apps can be designed for iPad, iPhone or both. The filing mentioned about the possibility of viewing content on various screen with differing resolution like televisions and desktops.

“Due to such diverse devices having such diverse capabilities, content must now be created not only once, but often several times so that it can be configured for multiple device types. This development has introduced a new barrier to content creation and delivery.”

Possible Solutions

Despite the downside of the new authoring tool, Apple will use the “lowest common denominator approach” to solve these issues. Using this approach, content will be converted so that it could be displayed on any mobile device.

Additionally, the Cupertino-based company will resolve this issue using a new graphical software creation tool. This would enable non-programmers to create content, including animations, without the need to hard code.

Apple’s new digital content authoring tool would cater to both amateur and professional iOS developers. It is also designed for the company’s core devices with diverse hardware capabilities. This would enable simple support for different screen sizes and form factors.

Relying on JavaScript Library

Other than the stated solutions, Apple would also rely on the JavaScript library. In turn, the authoring tool can include alternate object implementations like event and error handling behaviors.

“The authoring tool also leverages a JavaScript library running in the background to enhance the code elements, by writing additional code that facilitates the smooth functioning of the objects defined by the code elements, even when those objects are implemented on diverse devices.”

The patent application, which was submitted on December of last year, suggests that Apple sees the simplified iOS authoring tool gets small business involved in application creation.

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