Cubify Your Home with Cube 3D

Image via Cubify

For $1,300, you can now create plastic prototypes of shoes, bracelets, piggy banks and assorted knickknacks using 3D Systems’ Cube 3D home printer. Dubbed the “first consumer 3D printer for children ages 8 to 80 years,” the manufacturer announced that they will exhibit the device at Earth Day New York on April 19-21 at Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Targeting the Education Market

Because of its hefty price, the Cube 3D is unlikely to become a popular home printer anytime soon. However, schools may find this device useful in the classroom. In fact, 3D Systems CEO and President Abe Reichental stated that they are targeting the education market as well:

“I am very excited to participate in Earth Day New York and share with children, parents, and teachers the transformative and environmentally responsible power of 3D printing. As the pioneering and the leading 3D printing company, we have a strong commitment to localized manufacturing through the empowerment of our kids to explore and unleash their creativity to build a sustainable global economy.”

Reichental will speak on “3D Printing in STEM Education: Creating a Sustainable Global Economy” on April 20. He will discuss how kids these days can acquire advance skills, and how 3D printing can shape a balanced and worldwide financial equity.

The Cube 3D at Earth Day New York

3D Systems plans to deliver an interactive and unique experience at its exhibit at the Grand Central Station on April 19-21. Using the Cube 3D, they are inviting everyone to experience 3D printing and create an Earth Day robot using Cubify’s My Robot Nation app.

The most outstanding robot from a child and an educator has a chance to win the 3D printer for their home or school. Participants can enter their Earth Day robot creation in advance on Cubify’s My Robot Nation website or visit the exhibit and create it on-site.

Emerging 3D Printing Technology

Because of 3D printing, scientist, artists, teachers, and even bad guys can easily build three-dimensional prototypes. While plastic is usually the preferred material, a 3D printer can also use various materials such as stainless steel, Styrofoam, and human tissue.

The Cube 3D can print a three-dimensional object as large as 5.5” x 5.5” x 5.5”. Now available for pre-order, the printer comes with an EZ Load cartridge, 25 free creation downloads, print pad and film, power supply and cord, cube tube, magic glue and USB stick.

The Cube 3D uses single plastic jet printing on tough recyclable plastics. Its single cartridge can create 13 to 14 mid-size creations, and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and XP Server Pack 3 operating systems.

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