Katy Perry Barely Survives Wardrobe Disaster

Katy Perry would not be placed under the long roster of chronic star wardrobe malfunction. Well, at least for now.

The beautiful pop singer treaded on the red carpet of the ASCAP POP Music Awards wearing a long and sheer Tempereley London gown with one of the straps dangling dangerously off her left shoulder.



The original run-way photo of the dress shows that both straps are supposed to be on the shoulders. Katy leaving the left strap down dragged the gown’s neckline and left little to the imagination. Despite this, however, the night ended with the dress and Katy still intact and sexy as ever. Thank the goddesses of strappy dresses.

Oh Katy. Please let us get over the fact that you have blue hair first before you make our jaws hit the floor with a wardrobe malfunction.


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