5 Things You Can Do With Bacon-Flavored Vodka (Besides Drinking It)

Whether you’ve tried (and loved!) Bakon vodka, or are still trying to figure out who the hell would drink the stuff, chances are you’ve wondered just how best to use the stuff. And while there are a whole host of sweet and savory cocktails you can try out with a bacon-flavored vodka, there’s another way to use up your half-empty bottles: cooking.

1./2. The good folks at Bakon have two food recommendations for their product. The first recipe calls for a generous slug of Bakon as the base for a steak marinade. More creative is their Bakon fondue, which calls for two types of European cheese, garlic, lemon juice, and spices. Dip french bread (or crispy bacon!) into this cheesy blend to get a real buzz.

Bakon Martini

3. We’ve had great success with this recipe for Lillet marshmallows, which get their boozy kick from a type of French dessert wine. Swap out the 3/4 cup of Lillet for the same amount of Bakon vodka, and you’ve got a manly ‘mallow perfect for your next tailgate party.

4. Sweets too complicated? Try this super-easy Bakon vodka bruschetta from Republic of Bacon, which blends booze, tomatoes, garlic and onions to create the perfect snack for when you’re too hungover to cook.

5. Need something boozy but more hearty? Satisfy your biggest hunger with penne pasta smothered in vodka sauce…Bakon vodka sauce, to be precise. Creamy, cheesey, and filled with enough vodka to get you pretty tipsy, it’s the perfect way to pre-game while still filling up your belly so you can party all night long.

Can’t find Bakon in your home state? Good news: you can make it at home, and with very little effort. There are tons of recipes out there, but one of the easiest we found was at Instructables, which only takes about an hour.

Would you cook with Bakon vodka, or do you just want to drink it? Weigh in with your comments below!

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