Peanut Butter & Jelly Vodka: Flavored Vodka Has Officially Jumped the Shark

A walk through your local booze emporium these days can blow your mind. Forget plain old vodka; today, distillers are making vodkas in all kinds of weird flavors, including bacon, whipped cream, cookie dough, and more. Now, the strangest vodka flavor yet has been unveiled from premium distiller Van Gogh: peanut butter and jelly.

If you couldn’t get enough of the taste in elementary school, now you can experience a boozed-up version of every kid’s favorite sandwich. Van Gogh’s PB&J has notes of peanut and raspberry jam, and a hint of vanilla. According to the company’s website, the vodka smells more strongly of peanuts than raspberry, but on the tongue, raspberry takes center stage.

But enough of the corporate press. What we want to know is this: what do regular Joes have to say about this premium offering? At $27 for a 750 ml bottle of this 70-proof vodka, consumers want to make sure they’re not throwing their money away. One reviewer called it “the ultimate in alco-nostalgia,” adding, “the peanuts aren’t nearly as out of place here as I’d feared. It’s less sticky than most flavored vodkas, and the quality of the base spirit makes it smooth enough to drink at full strength.”

Not into doing shots of neat vodka? Van Gogh recommends mixing their PB&J offering with a soda, like Coke, or with cream and berry-flavored liqueur. If you want to unlock the flavor, you can try mixing with just a little club soda to amp up your taste buds, or mix it into jell-o shots.

But this latest in a long line of flavored vodkas is just kind of crazy. What’s next? More sandwich-inspired booze? Tuna fish sandwich vodka? Banh mi vodka? Philly cheesesteak vodka? Actually, that last one sounds kind of good…We’ll be right back. We’ve got a few phone calls to make.

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