A New Way to Get Drunk: SnöBar’s Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream

Alcohol doesn’t just come in bottles and cans: the geniuses at SnöBar have just unveiled a line of boozed-up ice cream that’s definitely not for kids. And as these booza-peneurs are quick to point out, “no cocktail is cooler.”

Every serving of this alcohol-infused ice cream contains as much liquor as an average 12 oz. beer and comes in flavors like Pink Squirrel (brandy and amaretto), Grasshopper (brandy and crème de menthe), and Brandy Alexander, (brandy and crème de cocoa.) Beyond ice cream, the company also has a line of popsicles for grownups, which taste like Cosmopolitans or Margaritas.

Each variety of ice cream and ice pops contains natural ingredients combined with premium spirits. But as healthy as they try to be, you’ll probably still get a killer headache if you eat too many.

Want the most booze for your buck? Make a sundae with this boozy ice cream, topped with alcohol-infused whipped cream! There are a couple of brands on the market, including Whipped Lightning and Cream, the former of which first made headlines back in 2010.

These drunken whipped toppings range in strength from 15 to 18 percent alcohol by volume (about as much as a strong wine.) Stored at room temperature, each 375 ml can lasts about 9 months before going sour. Some of the flavors on offer include vanilla, caramel, raspberry, chocolate, and cherry.  If you want to serve them up shot style, each can holds about 25 one-ounce shots.

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before legions of concerned parents start making a fuss about how the sweet treats are endangering their precious little brats, so grab a SnöBar quick, before they go the way of original-formula Four Loko. Check the company out on Twitter and see if these alcoholic concoctions are available at a store near you.

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