Monster Hunter in the West: Uncertain but Very Bright

Source: Monster Hunter Tri-G/ Monster Hunter Wiki

Monster Hunter fans in the west are not as fortunate as the Japanese gamers has been. Three games have passed in the Land of the Rising Sun, but nothing was shipped in the United States. However, Capcom’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development Christian Svensson revealed that the future of Monster Hunter outside Japan is “very bright”.

Words from Svensson

In a live question-and-answer session with Svensson at Capcom yesterday, he told fans that it’s uncertain whether Monster Hunter Tri G—which was released on 3DS in Japan last December—will move westward. However, he claimed that the franchise’s future outside Japan is very bright.

“The reality is, obviously we’ve not brought over Portable 3rd, we’ve not brought over Portable 3rd HD. At this point, we have not brought over Tri G on 3DS, so when I say this you may look at me as if I have three heads, but trust me; the future of Monster Hunter in the west is very bright. It’s just not clear yet.”

He also pointed out that one of the mentioned games was supposed to arrive in the US market. Portable 3rd HD was how Svensson hoped to bring the Portable 3rd content in the country. But it didn’t push through due to various reasons, majority of which were not under Capcom’s control. This includes the ad-hoc party support variety that specifically exists in Japan, but has no plans of being available for Sony Computer Entertainment America or Europe PlayStation Networks.

On the other hand, he reassured fans that the game’s future will have a greater outlook.

“As far as future goes, I have every confidence that at some point in time, people are going to be happy with us again. And I understand the frustration of ‘be patient’ because I’ve been saying it for as long as I have. Just understand that I’d hope to have a product on the market for you already by now.”

Game Popularity and Sales

Another thing that frustrates international gamers is the fact that Capcom wouldn’t release the mentioned titles due to sales. It is believed that Monster Hunter is not that famous outside of Japan; hence, there’s a slim chance that a lot would purchase the title and play it. In addition, it would be a risk for the game publisher to translate a Japanese game to English, because it’s quite difficult to predict how many people will play it or how much support it would get.

Thus, the cost of marketing the game would outweigh any money they could get from a small group that would actually purchase it. Nevertheless, keeping the game in Japan wouldn’t even increase its sales since they already have it for years.

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  1. dcj91x says:

    How can Capcom ever hope for Monster Hunter to become more popular outside Japan if they refuse to release it outside Japan? And it’s almost laughable at how much Monster Hunter Tri’s sales and popularity on the Wii have been totaly ignored. Just about every thing they give as a reason for not bringing MH to the west is, well, barely a reason and more of an excuse in my opinion.

  2. Jerico says:

    I despise the fact that Capcom does not bring Tri G to the west and that they probably wont bring MH4 soon if at all either . And i somewhat agree with dcj91x, but you have to understand that more than half of tri’s sales came straight out of japan, so there is some rhyme and reason as to why they are leery of bringing more monster hunter games to the states and europe. Althoug, in my opinion, if they want monster hunter to become popular, they need to release a western version of frontier, if people pay for WOW or Minecraft than i can see many paying from frontier, especially since it would be a never ending game with updates every now an then.

  3. That Guy says:

    Nope, Capcom hate money too much to bring it here.

  4. Tsaurkanon says:

    i have played everyone version of monster hunter on the PSP including the wii title. All of my friends love this game. But how are others suppose to learn it and give it a chance here when the East is being so damn stingy with it!