PS Vita’s PSOne Support is in the Horizon

Source: PlayStation Vita/ Sony

Although Sony’s PlayStation Vita comes packed with tons of features, the list didn’t include PlayStation One support. Following its release in Japan, owners have been asking whether the console will get a PSOne emulator or not. However, they were always answered with “coming soon.”

PS Vita heads to US, but still has no PSOne support. On a positive note, what gamers have been asking for might happen in the near future.

PS Vita Store Gets a PSOne Title Leak

In a recent post on Reddit, a user revealed that PS Vita’s support for PSOne might be coming soon. He detailed his discovery and experiences while browsing the European PlayStation Network Store.

While at the store, the user stumbled upon “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command”, which is a former PSOne title. Curious to see what the game was doing on the store, he purchased it and the game surprisingly downloaded. A standard bubble appeared on the Vita’s homescreen afterwards.

Tapping the icon brought the user to what seems to be PSOne’s future LiveArea. However, the screen displayed that the file is corrupt. The same message appeared when he tried to access the game’s manual. Other Reddit users guessed that the console might be trying to call the emulator, but since it’s doesn’t exist in the firmware yet, Vita cannot load it.

In relation to this, it could be a bug that prompted the game to download automatically. It is deemed as a mishap on Sony’s part, so users who purchased and downloaded the game by accident can call the manufacturer to get their money back.

What makes their assumption strong is the fact that the future PSOne LiveArea looks like the first-generation console’s skin and style. Regardless, owners of the console are taking it as a sign that Sony is preparing a marketplace database for the upcoming PSOne support update.

Give the Community What They Want

Although the game found on the EU PSN Store is currently unplayable, it only indicates that Sony is working on PSOne support. In addition, it seems that they are in the testing phase as of the moment. As to when they will release the PSOne emulator for PS Vita is yet to be known.

Since everyone is waiting for this feature, hopefully Sony would stop trying to excite their consumers with apps, and give what the community has been asking for. Otherwise, they’ll be tarnishing their reputation with their core audience. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the long wait will be over soon.

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