Gilt Groupe for Men: Guide to Buying Men’s Fashion on Gilt

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If you’re a man looking for a good deal on merchandise such as clothing, home decor, delicatessen food, or travel, then you definitely need to join Gilt Groupe.

If you haven’t heard of Gilt, here’s a quick rundown of the company.

Gilt is an e-commerce site that was founded in 2007. The idea behind the company is to offer members merchandise from a single brand or small groups of brands at prices 50%-70% off of manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. The online luxury boutique has become so successful that not even the recent recessions could dwindle sales.

While the company serves customers of all genders and ages, they’ve taken a considerable amount of time focusing on men. On October 14, 2009, for example, they launched a men’s-only sale site called Gilt Man. On August 8, 2011, Gilt Groupe announced the launch of standalone website Park and Bond, which is also for men.

Since Gilt has been dubbed the “darling of luxury-obsessed bargain hunters,” it’s probably time for you to jump on board along with the other 3.5 million members. And to assist you with your shopping experience, here’s a guide to buying men’s fashion on Gilt.

You Need to Become a Member

Before you begin shopping on Gilt you have to become a member. When the company first began new members had to be invited, but now it’s free to join and open to everyone. So, there’s absolutely no excuse not to become a member of Gilt. And, if you sign someone else up you will be rewarded with a $25 Gilt credit.

Check Gilt Daily

There are sales on Gilt every weekday at noon. Of course, once you’ve become a member, you’ll get a heads-up, but you still will need to be on the ball. These sales only last for 36 hours, are on a first come, first serve basis, and also sell out quickly. So, it’s probably a good idea to be on Gilt’s site early so that you don’t miss any deals. If you’re not near a computer, no worries. Just download the Gilt app for your mobile device.

Helping the Clueless Man

Sometimes us guys have no idea what clothing to purchase. Thankfully, Gilt offers style advice and pointers. It’s just like going to a men’s department in person, but without all those people. Also, the fine folks at Gilt will provide you with trend tips, so you will be fashionably current, or better yet, a trendsetter.

One-Stop Destination For Men

Gilt provides the perfect shopping destination for men. It strives towards catering to the lifestyles and interests of men, even beyond fashion. Gilt has accessories and clothing for every occasion, whether it’s for the office, a formal event, or playing some basketball with friends.

Quality Guaranteed

Besides finding ridiculous deals and lots of clothing choices, you can also rest assured that you’re buying quality items from Gilt. They work with their brand partners to hand-select the best merchandise available. Gilt takes great pride in their fashion selections and that they guarantee that every item on their site is the real deal.

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