Samsung’s next Galaxy Smartphone Will Have Quad-core Processor

Source: Samsung Galaxy S/ Samsung

On April 26, Samsung confirmed that their next Galaxy S will be powered by Exynos’ quad-core 4 Quad processor. Getting ahead of their Mobile Unpack event in London on May 3, the third-generation flagship smartphone already have a teaser.

Meet the Quad-core Exynos 4 Quad Processor

Already in mass production, Samsung has released information about their new quad-core Exynos 4 Quad processor to attract interest from other handset makers. The chip features four ARM Cortex A9 cores. It is clocked at 1.4 GHz, which enables the handset to be “twice as powerful while using 20% less power.”

Other than that, the processor can dynamically shut off each core and scale them up and down depending on the workload. It is designed to work on heavy multitasking and intensive tasks such as 3D gaming and media editing.

The company was able to produce a quad-core chip without making it bigger than the existing dual-core processor because of the 32 nanometer process. It was also reported that Samsung is sampling their quad-core chips to major handset makers, and they plan to expand their customer base from Apple, Nokia, HTC and Motorola.

It is yet to be known whether Samsung’s quad-core Exynos 4 Quad processor can stand against NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Meanwhile, Apple may face the most pressure, as the consumer electronics typically produce one of the fastest and competitive mobile chips to date. The Cupertino-based company is expected to create a direct counterpart of Samsung’s quad-core mobile processor, but they have to wait until their next iPhone is unveiled.

The Apple vs. Samsung Rivalry

Samsung’s third-generation Galaxy S is most likely to compete against Apple’s new iPhone. In a prediction made by Hana Daetoo analyst Lee Ka-keun earlier this month, he said that both companies will be in a “full-fledged war” once they release their new smartphone models for this year. Although Samsung manufacture microprocessors for the Cupertino-based company, the processors bound for iOS devices are designed by Apple.

During last year’s holiday season, Apple made a breakout sales record with its iPhone 4S, and revealed that they were able to sell 35 million iPhone units in the past quarter of 2012. Samsung, on the other hand, didn’t provide sales figure for its smartphone division. However, they announced a record profit for the first quarter of this year.


Apple is expected to get ahead of its competitors with its own quad-core A-series processor of its own later this year. After releasing their new iPad with a dual-core A5X processor, some have suggested that a quad-core A6 chip will power its next iPhone, which is rumored to arrive this October.

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