Five Useful Websites That You Should Know About

Source: Houzz Homepage

As the World Wide Web evolves, so as the stuffs that it offers to users and consumers. That’s because they depend on what the users are looking for on the Internet. Web designers and developers are getting better in terms of creating websites that are user-friendly and time-savvy.

But keeping up with what’s new on the Internet can be tedious. Good thing, PC World made a list of fantastic websites that users might need.


Houzz is ideal for those who are planning to buy or renovate their house. It is used by more than 40,000 architects, contractors and designers for creating and building their portfolio. On the other hand, users can use this website to check for ideas on improving their properties or hire professionals.

Source: App Sumo Homepage


AppSumo is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking for apps that can be used for expanding their businesses. This website offers great deals for business owners who want to download applications that can help them manage their brand’s performance. It also offers a lifetime guarantee on purchases, in case users buy an app that turns out to be a flop.

Source: Gojee Homepage


For food lovers, Gojee is the website to visit. It delivers beautiful images and recipes of food and drinks from various food blogs like TasteFood, Kitchen Culinaire, and Fresh365. By signing up using a Facebook, a Google or an email account, a user can simply input a keyword and the website will present 100 full-screen images of related recipes.

Source: Wizard of Odds Homepage

Wizard of Odds

Wizard of Odds is a great website companion when it comes to studying the optimal gambling strategies of casino card games. For those who are new to gambling at casinos or would like to try a new card game other than Blackjack, this website provides house-rule differences so that users won’t be playing blind. Wizard of Odds also shows the casino advantage, or house edge, on various games, letting users know which ones to avoid if they want to maximize their odds.

Source: Ebates Homepage


This website is an online shopper’s best friend. Ebates enables users to get cash back, through electronic rebates, on things that they would like to purchase anyway. After signing up using an email address, users can easily acquire and use coupons and deals with the site’s online retailer partners.


People surf the Internet for various reasons, and it helps to save time and effort if they know which websites cater to their needs. These are some of the best sites in their respective categories.  If you are looking for a good contractor to renovate your house, technology to help you expand your business, new recipes to try at home, a way to improve your card game, or money-saving online coupons, these sites are the right place to start.

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