Effector by Nigo

Designers are always trying to revisit the 1980s, why? Because fashion was tits in the 80s! Remember when women wore shoulder pads in everything? Hilarious. Honorable mention: mini skirts! Fingerless gloves, parachute pants, Members Only jackets, wanting to have sex with Madonna, these are my best memories of the 80s (though I was a baby through most of it.) RUN DMC came out in the 80s, don’t these glasses kind of remind you of them? Effector is an original Japanese brand established in 2005. Effector designs are based on the concept “Rock on the Eyewear” which centers on solid, thick and manly forms of eyewear designs. The original concept is based on inspirations from rock culture and Effector’s love for the beatnik movement.

Rock on the Eyewear takes a traditional frame design, adds their unique Tokyo twist and draws creatively from their Japanese employees in Sabae City. These glasses are handmade in Japan, with tiny skulls embedded in the temple to represent their secret spirit of rebellion. This design is actually a collaboration between Effector and Nigo. Japanese designers made two different frame templates, with one of course pulling from the RUN DMC goliath frames. The only store in America selling these styles is located in Seattle so unless you live in the area, ordering through the Internet is your only option (which kind of sucks because you can’t try them on first.) But if you’re confident these will look good on your melon, order a pair. While you’re at it, visit the iTunes store for the best RUN DMC album of all time, King of Rock. As you probably already know, sadly Jam Master Jay was murdered by an unknown associate in October of 2002 in his recording studio in Jamaica, Queens. It’s believed Kenneth “Supreme” McGrill had a hand in the murder.

But moving on! These frames are offered in three different colors: black, white and tortoise. Effectors can be worn with both colored lenses and your everyday Seeing Eye lenses, so it’s a win-win situation! Get yours now.

A few other designs worth mentioning are the Fuzz, Distortion, Reverb and Delay. This company continues to keep everything more basic than not and as we all know – simplicity is always the best style (expect for the 80s of course, where the more wild your style was proved to bring you more chicks.)

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