The Vans Stovepipe

Vans have never made a shoe I didn’t like. In grade school I wore the checkerboard slip-on’s, in Jr. high I had the chukka boots, high school meant the half cab and ever since it’s been a combination of everything. No matter your age or fashion background, a pair of Vans should be a staple in your closet.

First started in 1966, Vans came out with their deck shoe, or better known as “authentic shoe,” which was a cheaply priced low top that was popular with skateboarders. All of the DOGTOWN guys wore Vans because it was one of the only shoes their parents could afford. In 1982, Sean Penn wore a pair of slip on’s in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High and the rest is pretty much history. Vans became an instant classic among surfers, skateboarders, BMX and everything else popular in Southern California. Basically, if you didn’t own a pair of Vans you were either a jock or a dork.

In 2012, Vans introduces the Stovepipe, which is a simplified, slimmed down, new mid top design that is so clean its looks like something from the future. The upper features a very cool hidden lacing system; giving the shoe a bit of a hip hop feel (I could easily see Jay-Z wearing this shoe.) Premium used materials: oiled leather, grainy nubuck or canvas upper, metal eyelets, tonal heel logos, pigskin or textile linings and waxed laces. Vans keep things slim on the outsole, sticking with their famous waffle cone thread pattern and a full length eva midsole, which keeps the entire shoe as light as air. This is definitely not a skate shoe, but if you need to look slick on the town, this is your shoe.

The Stovepipe is so clean; you could probably wear them with a tuxedo! Different colors offered are black/black, gray, black/white, and white. Doesn’t this shoe kind of remind you of Back to the Future II, when Michael J. Fox gets a pair of high top Nike’s from the future? These are time traveling shoes that will look good in any decade. The Stovepipe is just one shoe out of many from the new OTW line. Other great designs are the Alomar, Bedford, Cobern, Ludlow, Ludlow Decon, Woessner, Pritchard and Howell. Check these shoes out, it’s a must! This whole line is based on simplicity and can be worn with anything.

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