The World’s Top Destinations for Street Food

They say that a good the way to a traveller’s heart is through his stomach. Nothing piques the interest of a traveller more than trying delicacies in restaurants, but its street food is the quickest way to tap into the heart of a place’s culture.

Street food has played a very crucial role in food and cuisine history because of its variety and exciting flavors. These simple but very interesting food speaks volumes about a destination’s heritage in ways that will surely whet anyone’s appetite.

Nothing says “cheap but very good” like street food, and so here are top 5 most famous destinations for these appetizing bites.


Any foodie would give anything to reach Bangkok, a haven of good street food. Variety is key to a good destination for street food, and it is for certain that Bangkok will not disappoint in this aspect. The city is teeming with food stalls and markets which come alive most especially during the night. The food seen here range from savory to sweet. The Yaowarat Road in Bangkok’s Chinatown serve robustly flavored fish curries, sugar cane-skewered roasted pork, deep friend sweet bananas coated in rice-flour batter and carts of durian, a fruit known for its stink, but more popular for its delicious taste.


The popularity of the Food Truck has swept the country and the assurance of quality, speed and good value for money makes sure that these sources of quick bites are here to stay. Anyone who has eaten food served from a Food Truck will say that they will be coming back for more. In Chicago, Food Truck Tuesdays  in North and Halsted Avenues in Lincoln Park and Food Truck Thursdays in Ethyl’s Beer and Wine Dive in West Loop provide good reasons to go to the Windy City. These events gather over a dozen food trucks that serve delicious macaroni and cheese, meatballs, burgers and other filling treats on the spot.


Istanbul is the largest Turkish city not only geographically, but also in the size and volume of street food markets that serve a variety of Turkish delicacies like doner kebabs, kumpir (stuffed potatoes baked to perfection), börek (flaky pastries) and simit (a ring shaped circular bread with sesame seeds).


The United States’ southern neighbor packs a good market of snacks that are difficult to resist. The locals call street food antojitos and Mexico city boasts of numerous kiosks and shops that sell cornmeal cakes (tlacoyos), fried corn (masa huaraches), roasted corn on the cob (elotes). Fans of corn and other Mexican treats like tacos will surely love being here.

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