Weird and Unusual Uses for Vodka (Besides Drinking It)

Vodka is insanely popular, but not only among drinkers. Surprisingly, there’s more you can do with vodka than just make cocktails. Save your premium vodka for drinking: these weird tips should only be tried with cheap stuff from the bottom shelf.

Funky Feet

Because of the high alcohol content, vodka can kill bacteria on your feet. In addition to feeling really refreshing after hitting the gym, you can prevent smelly feet syndrome. Just watch out for any open cuts: that would sting like a B.

Poison Ivy

We already hate global warming for the obvious reasons, but here’s one more: it’s causing poison ivy to spread. Good news: the afflicted skin can be treated by immediately splashing the area with 100-proof vodka. Oil and water don’t mix, which is why washing the area with alcohol works better to strip away the irritating oil of the ivy.

Mildew Killer

Dabbing a generous amount of vodka onto a surface can kill mildew and mold. Leave it on affected areas for a quarter of an hour, and then scrub vigorously with a toothbrush. Just make sure to save some vodka for your well-deserved, post-cleaning cocktail.

Bug Spray

Don’t feel like becoming a moveable feast for mosquitoes this summer? Skip the heavy smell of Deep Woods Off and spray vodka on your skin instead. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to the mix will improve the potency of your DIY bug dope.

Febreze Alternative

Okay, we’re not sure if cheap vodka costs less than Febreze, but if it does, you’re in luck. Once its dry, vodka doesn’t leave a smell (unless you’re using that weird PB&J flavor.) You can spritz a little vodka from a spray bottle onto your duds to kill odor-causing bacteria, and skip a trip to the Laundromat. Another laundry use for vodka? Removing stubborn stains like lipstick on the collar, ballpoint pen ink, and grass marks.

Sticky Situations

Gum, glue, and other adhesives can grime up all manner of stuff in your apartment. Rub a cloth soaked in vodka on the affected areas, and you’ll be able to easily remove price tags and other annoyances.

Dandruff Eliminator

Strange as it seems, you can get rid of dandruff by rinsing your hair with a mix of one cup of vodka and a couple of sprigs of rosemary. Let the mixture sit for two days, then remove the herbs and massage into your scalp.

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