Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 – Now Available for PC

Source: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3/ Call of Duty Official Website

Because of some complications with the Collection 1 downloadable content, Modern Warfare 3 players on PC was not able to get their hands on the DLCs since the game’s release last November 2011. But desktop gamers are in for some good news as they can now have the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 for their machines. The bundle contains four maps—Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch and Black Box—along with two new spec ops missions: Negotiator and Black Ice.


The Piazza map is a seaside Italian getaway, where close-range combat dominates. Attacks from behind, above and below are ever-constant threats, so whichever team can take advantage of the flanking routes will most likely come out on top.


This is a militarized Central Park with vast landscapes which are useful for long-range sniper and LMG fire. It’s important that gamers can plan their movement properly, as mounted turrets on either end can offer deadly firepower for those who are brave enough to expose themselves to the enemy.


This map is set on top of New York City’s skyscraper, where battle takes place along two levels in a near symmetrical layout. The central bridge and the side route are open for multiple angle attacks, thus gamers must always watch their step. The lack of boundaries along the perimeter makes every player susceptible from falling to the ground below.

Black Box

Black Box is a battle beside a downed Air Force One. The map is a deadly kill zone for players on the ground, as multi-level homes overlook the neighboring streets. Snipers are not safe from this map since counter-sniping is a constant threat. On the other hand, those who prefer close-quarters combat can succeed by using the tight confines of the crashed airplane.


An all-new Special Ops mission, the Negotiator enables a player to set foot in India for a high-stake hostage extraction. They will also be able to breach-and-clear rooms and secure the safety of their VIPs.

Black Ice

The Black Ice mission is where gamers will infiltrate a diamond mine, and shut it down using high-grade explosives. Together with Negotiator, this marks the first time that the franchise has made the Special Ops downloadable online.


As announced by game developer Activision, the DLCs are now available at Steam for $14.99. In addition to the mentioned content, the team behind Modern Warfare 3 added community playlists, Infected and FFA Gunplay.

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