iPhone for the T-Mobile Network Coming Soon

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Last Monday, T-Mobile announced in a press release that they have plans to offer iPhone-compatible HSPA+ 4G network services by the end of the year. According to the company’s CTO Nevill Ray, the telcos will use 1900 MHz spectrum for its upgraded network. This would give iPhone users an access to their 4G speeds.

Recently, the carrier acquired its much-needed spectrum from AT&T as part of the breakup fee of an attempted merger between the companies. T-Mobile is focusing more on upgrading to Long Term Evolution market, and they have reserved some of their 1900 MHz spectrum for the HSPA+ 4G network.

In turn, current iPhone models can take advantage of the network. This could also mean good news to owners of unlocked handsets on T-Mobile, as their device is currently limited to 2G speed.

“As part of the company’s network modernization effort, T-Mobile also plans to launch 4G HSPA+ service in the 1900 MHz band in a large number of markets by the end of the year. Rolling out 4G HSPA+ services in the 1900 MHz band will also provide customers with the ability to use a broader range of devices, including the iPhone, on T-Mobile’s 4G networks.”

Vague Marketing Plans, Complicated Issues

Because of the recent report, Ray pointed out that it’ll “make sense” if people will start seeing a company marketing campaigns targeted for iPhone users later this year. However, he declined to state whether they have plans for one.

T-Mobile is the only US carrier that doesn’t offer Apple’s iPhone. They blamed the launch of iPhone 4S as the primary reason they loss over 700,000 subscribers during the last quarter of 2011. CEO Philipp Humm also pointed out that incompatible frequency band is the key reason they don’t officially offer the handset.

That’s why the CEO suggested that the issue would be resolved through time, as next-generation chipsets will add support for more bands. But it appears that they are not content with just waiting. In fact, they have been re-farming some of their spectrum to support the iPhone.

T-Mobile: Getting Ready for the Next-gen iPhone or Not?

Late last year, it was reported that a small number of T-Mobile iPhone users were seeing HSPA+ 3G speeds after the telcos switched to 1900 MHz in some areas. On the other hand, there were recent rumors that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will feature a Qualcom LTE chip.

This ignited speculations that the carrier could wait until its LTE networks are up and running, before offering iPhone. In relation to this, T-Mobile signed a contract with Nokia Siemens and Ericsson last Monday to build their high-speed market. The company will spend as much as $4 billion to transform their 4G network and have a nationwide LTE coverage next year.

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