15 of the Hottest Daughters of Professional Athletes

There are a lot of perks to being a professional athlete.

You make a ton of money by playing a game, which is probably at the top of the list, but there’s also the countless times that women throw themselves at you. Even if you settle down and have a family, you’ll have kids that are not only the children of a celebrity, they could also become talented athletes in their own right. But, what about the daughters?

It turns out that they can end becoming hotties. Don’t believe us? Here is a list of fifteen examples of athlete’s daughters who are hot, which does not include step-daughters. That would be cheating.

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15. Elizabeth Montana

You probably already recognize the last name. While Joe Montana’s son got a lot of attention for possibly becoming a great quarterback like his dad, Elizabeth became known for her looks after some pics of her in a bikini surfaced. Elizabeth is an aspiring model and actress (her mom Jennifer was a model), so we’re hoping that we’re going to see plenty more of her.

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14. Deiondra Sanders

We all know that Prime Time was one of the greatest cornerbacks in the NFL—I mean, he is a Hall-of-Famer—and he wasn’t that shabby of a baseball player either, but we didn’t know that he also had a smoking-hot daughter. Deiondra is another socialite that wants to be a model and actress, but we’re curious about that rumored sex tape.

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13. Bianca LaRussa

Bianca happens to be the daughter of Tony LaRussa, former baseball player and manager of the A’s and Cardinals, and had attempted a cheerleading career. Unfortunately, a back injury ended her time as an Oakland Raiderette.

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12. Rachel Bradshaw

Rachel Bradshaw is an aspiring country singer who is also not only hot, but also the daughter of Steelers quarterback great, and current Fox NFL goofball, Terry Bradshaw.

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11. Alexandria Schlereth

Alexandria is actually an actress: she was on some show called Desire in 2006. While we’ve never heard of that show, we do know that her dad is former Denver Bronco and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth.

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10. Nicki Meyer

Say what you will about Urban Meyer, there’s no denying that his daughter Nicki is a hottie. Besides being the daughter of one of the most famous names in college football, Nicki is a volleyball player for Georgia Tech. We think we’ll be getting into a sport we never thought we’d care about rather soon.

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9. Alyonka & Diana Larionov

Finally, a two-for-one special. These two hotties are the daughters of Hockey-Hall-of-Famer Igor “The Professor” Larionov. Even though their dad has long since retired, his daughters are still involved in the NHL and  released a charity song for Hockey Fights Cancer. That’s cool enough to make us forget they also tried out for American Idol.

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8. Laila Ali

Her last name should ring a bell. Laila is in fact the daughter of Muhammad Ali, and a boxer herself, which pretty much makes her a woman that could beat up most of us. But I don’t think any of us would complain about it.

Image Source: lailali.org

7. Tracy Phillips

Can you believe that Wade Phillips, currently defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans, is actually the father of this babe? Yeah, we’re still in shock, too. Tracy has actually become a well-known dancer and choreographer for numerous music videos and movies. If you’ve ever seen the flick Charlie Wilson’s War, you may have seen her appearance as a belly dancer.

Image Source: Movie Cast Pictures

6. Leigh Mayock

Current NFL Network analyst, and former Giants safety, Mike Mayock happens to have a smoking-hot daughter who pretty much doesn’t do anything except make sexy faces on Twitter.

Image Source: Roster Watch

5. Angela Rypien

Mark Rypien may be remembered for being a Super Bowl MVP with the Redskins, but we’re going to remember his daughter Angela for a long time, as well. Not content with being just another pretty face, Angela followed in her dad’s footsteps and has also become a quarterback…in the Lingerie Football League.

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4. Alexa Flutie

Who didn’t cheer for Doug Flutie? The dude was awesome. But, he became even more of a legend when the world found out that he had hot cheerleader for a daughter. Alexa spent a season on the Patriots cheerleading squad, but she’s returned to San Diego to join the Charger Girls.

Image Source: NESN

3. Lexxi Silver

Bernie Kosar was a legendary QB for the Cleveland Browns, but his daughter Sara is on her way to becoming a legend herself. If you watch porn, then you probably know of Lexxi Silver. But, what you may not have known is that she’s the daughter of Bernie Kosar.

Image Source: Steaks and Stilettos

2. Brittny Gastineau

If you keep up with models and reality TV, mainly on E! or MTV, then you’ve most likely seen Brittny Gastineau. This beauty, and celebutante, is the daughter of former New York Jets defensive end Mark Gastineau and has been turning our heads since 2005.

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1. Paulina Gretzky

Another daughter whose last name is definitely well known. Paulina is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, NHL’s “The Great One” and the beautiful Janet Jones, but came to everyone’s attention after some racy pics surfaced on Twitter. Her dad sat her down and basically told her to stop tweeting, so the account was deleted. Fortunately, Paulina discovered Instagram and posted a fresh set of pics. No word on what her dad thinks, but her hottness is enough for us to disregard that whole acting-and-singing gig she dreams of.

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