Basic Tips to Cut Your Cell Phone Bills

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If you purchased a phone on contract, chances are you’re paying too much every month. If overpaying is a bad idea, it’s best that you stop it. Good thing, there are simple ways on how you can cut your cell phone bill.

Know What Plan is Best for You

If you’re planning to purchase a mobile phone on contract, consider how often you’ll use your device and how will you use it. Are you going to use it for business purposes? If yes, do you call your clients or customers often? Do you also use your phone for mobile Internet browsing? All of these will give you an insight on what phone plan is best for you.

Check Your Usage Pattern

In case you already have a phone, you can still reduce your monthly bill by checking your usage pattern. Look at your plan’s data options and see how you use it. Do you text more than you call? Do you exceed you usage limits? Depending on how you use your handheld device, the key here is taking advantage of your plan options.

If you always exceed on your monthly bill, the best thing to do is upgrade it. However, if you have a hefty phone bill, but you don’t use it that much, it’ll be better to upgrade it. In case you exceeded once, it’s not enough reason to boost up your options. Even if you exceeded once during your two-year contract, you can still come out ahead with a lower overall limit.

Trim the Unnecessary Add-ons

Another way to save from your cell phone bill is to see if you can take out the unnecessary add-ons. Do you also pay for mobile insurance, GPS service, roadside assistance or visual voicemail or other additional services that you don’t actually use? Then you should inquire your carrier whether they can cut that off from your bill.

Cut Back on Your Data

If you’re not yet ready to opt-out of your data plan entirely, the best thing that you should do is to make a cut back. Look for lowest-tiered data plan that your carrier offers, and stick to your limit. You should also check on which apps are taking much of your bandwidth to prevent overpaying.


Basically, a worthy cell phone plan depends on your needs and the purpose of your handset. By knowing how you can lessen your monthly bill, there’s a great chance that you keep some of your cash in your possession.

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