Diablo 3 – Lots of Bugs and Glitches

Source: Diablo III Cover/ Wikipedia

After its release yesterday, it seems that gamers who purchased the Diablo III experienced a setback. Apparently, the game’s server had a struggle coping up with the demand. Because of this, many users have taken the official forums to complain about the error messages they would get whenever they connect to the servers.

Game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment immediately acknowledged the issue and posted a reply on the forums: “We are aware of the current login issues for Diablo III and are working on finding a solution as quickly as possible.”

In addition, the game developer also released an explanation on various errors that gamers have encountered:

Error 37: This means that Diablo III’s servers are full due to high login traffic. Thus, players are advised to wait and try again.

Error 3005 and 3006 (Time Outs): Blizzard didn’t give any explanation about this one, although they advised their gamers to wait and try again.

Error 3006 (Demon Hunter): Error 3006 also occurs when a user is playing Demon Hunter and his Templar gets a shield before killing Jondar. In turn, the player will be disconnected from The game developer is trying to resolve this issue with a hotfix.

Error 14009 and 315300: No explanation was provided about this error, although there is a player workaround for Windows PC user that is available for the meantime.

Grayed-out Login Button: Gamers might be using their BattleTag login info. Blizzard advises its players to use their email address and password to login.

Character Creation Issues: Although most character creation issues have been resolved, there is a possibility that users have created their characters and did not log out. This could actually max out their character list with “invisible” characters. If this error occurs, players can simply log out and log back in, and check their character list.

Error 75: Although not stated in Blizzard’s post, most gamers encountered the Error 75. Many believe that this is a temporary outage of service, which means that servers are full again.

This setback comes in heels of Blizzard Entertainment offering credits to customers who have pre-ordered Diablo III via GAME Australia. Now in voluntary administration, the game retailer initially agreed to honor all pre-orders of Diablo III and Max Payne 3. However, they revealed afterwards that they were unable to do so due to financial reasons. The game developer then released a statement, saying that they will credit all pre-orders made through GAME.

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