5 Reasons Why Safety Razor Sets Are Positively Practical for Travel and at Home

Old Razorblade

If you’re searching for the perfect shave, perhaps you should get yourself a safety razor set.

Safety razors were invented in the 1880s as an alternative to shaving with a flat-blade knife. By 1895, King C. Gillette, founder of Gillette, mass-produced the first safety razor. The use of safety razors, especially the double-edged safety razor, didn’t boom until after World War I. Unfortunately, the mass production of cheap, disposable razors would replace the safety razor.

However, safety razors have been making a comeback. Why? Well, you’re about to find out that safety razor sets are practical for home and travel.

Easy to Travel With

A safety razor may need more tools when compared to a cartridge or disposable razor since it requires a shaving mug, brush, shaving soap, and, of course, cream. However, many companies are making convenient travel kits, which you could use at home as well. Also, if you’re worried about traveling with the metal blade, relax. Merkur, for example, makes a safety razor with a plastic handle, so going throughout security at the airport shouldn’t be a concern.

Better For The Environment

Maybe you don’t care about the environment, but most of us do. Regardless, you should be aware that by using a safety razor you would be cutting down on your trash use. It’s been said by the EPA that every year about 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away. Safety razors also use 97% less materials than disposables and are easier to recycle since they are just metal.

Cost Effective

A safety razor set may cost you about $200 initially, but it will be become a money-saver. Instead of buying replacements for something like a Gillette Fusion, which can set you back roughly $28 for an eight-pack, one blade for a safety razor will last almost three months and won’t cost you very much. In short, a safety razor will not only last you a lifetime, it will also save you some cash.

Cleaner, Smoother Shave

Don’t be fooled by tricky advertising. More blades don’t mean a cleaner, smoother shave. In fact, they can do the opposite. Blades in a multi-blade cartridge are positioned to gradually extend toward your beard and achieve their closeness by stretching the skin with a layer of rubberized “micro-fins.” Facial hair is then lifted and sliced off at a point slightly below the surface of the skin. Cut hair can grow back painfully into the upper layers of the epidermis. Once the hair follicles come in this way, there is a high chance of causing ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn, which are not only uncomfortable, but also embarrassing.

A safety razor, on other hand, avoids these problems, since it has single blades that provide a close shave without damaging your skin—they simply glide over it.


Since shaving with a single blade doesn’t tear up your skin, giving you that clean and smooth shave, it allows for natural oils to form. These oils give your skin a healthier look, which is important when you need to look your sharpest. Also, you won’t have to stress over the possibility of those burns, bumps, or ingrown hairs causing an infection.  Instead, you’ll have a clean, smooth, irritation-free face. Oh yeah, safety razors will also get you away from all the chemicals found in most shaving creams, since the tools for safety razors are less chemically intrusive.

Image Source: Mantuitive

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