Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone To Have Four-Inch Screen

Source: Apple iPhone 4S/ Apple

There were reports emerging that three screen suppliers, namely LG, Sharp, and Japan Display Inc, were tapped to provide four-inch displays for Apple’s next-generation iPhone. It is believed that the new device will feature a larger screen compared to earlier models of the phone, first released in 2007.

The production will start next month, which would make the manufacturing process of the upcoming handset to go full-speed this August. If all goes according to plan, the forthcoming mobile phone will be unveiled in time for a fall 2012 launch.

No Samsung on the Supplier List

What makes this report interesting is that Samsung was not mentioned on the list of suppliers. Although they are rivals in the mobile market industry, the South-Korea-based company is Apple’s key supplier for most of its handheld devices. In fact, Samsung was the sole supplier of retina displays for the new iPad.

On the other hand, LG and Sharp have provided screens for Apple in the past. However, the addition of Japan Display Inc to the list of suppliers would build a new partnership for the company. It is a manufacturing firm brokered by the Japanese government and combines the display production operations of three separate companies.

New iPhone, New Design

Rumors have suggested that the next-generation iPhone will be a major overhaul and redesign of a look that has been present since the iPhone 4. There are no specifics as to what the display will feature, other than its four-inch, diagonal size.

Previous claims have suggested that the upcoming handset will have the same width as its predecessors. That’s because a four-inch screen would bring a new aspect ratio, which means all apps running on the current iPhone model will have to be modified to appear nicely on the new device.

Apple’s move to feature a larger screen for its forthcoming mobile phone is referred to as their “competitive response” to the Samsung Galaxy S III. The said device, which was rolled out earlier this month, features a 4.8-inch AMOLED screen. That is 1.3 inches larger than the iPhone 4S.

All three suppliers are likely to receive production orders from Apple, which would signal them to start building the four-inch displays this June. The next-generation iPhone is expected to be unveiled this October, just one year after the company released the iPhone 4S.


With a four-inch display, there is a possibility that another row of icons could be squeezed in on the iOS home screen, bringing the total number to six. Meanwhile, applications written for iPhone 4S could just simply feature black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, so there’ll be no need to modify the apps based on the new aspect ratio.


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