Bloatware Coming to Windows 8 PCs

Source: Microsoft Windows 8/ Wikipedia

For those who want to get their hands on a shiny new Windows 8 PC in the future, expect your device to be infected with bloatware. It is basically the unnecessary junk, trial features, and assorted crud added to software that seems to infect every PC in the market. Although Microsoft could lessen the amount of bloatware that comes with new Windows 8 PCs, users would have to pay $99 to access that feature and clean their machines.

Microsoft’s Signature Upgrade Service and the Decrapifier

Microsoft Signature upgrade service will clean PCs of all the offending junk that computer manufacturers put on them. However, users will have to pay $99 for it and bring their device into one of Microsoft’s retail stores.

Those who don’t want to shell out the cash can get rid of the bloatware by themselves for free using PC Decrapifier. It is a free tool that PC owners can use to remove programs, unnecessary startup items, and icons that can slow a computer down. It is easy to use, as it provides a wizard user-interface that helps users to unclog their machine.

It is accessible via download and is currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Hopefully a Windows-8-compatible decrapifier is in the works.

Decreasing Crapware on Windows 8 PCs

Although it would be better if Microsoft could put an end to adding crapware to PCs, it seems that won’t be the case. The company has stated that they would release a system upgrade service for the Windows 8 PC. Regardless, they are making efforts to protecting the operating system’s Metro look.

It is not the company that puts the bloatware on PCs. That is something that computer manufacturers do, and that’s because software makers are paying them to do it. However, there is a chance that bloatware on Windows 8 PCs could be decreased.

Microsoft told device manufacturers that they could only install one Metro app for every external device, like a printer. Although it may not limit most of the bloatware, it could still lessen the amount that is infecting PCs. Prior to now, manufacturers were allowed to install multiple software for each device, which enable them to slip in the bloatware.

Dramatically curbing the amount of software that manufacturers can add to PCs is very important. A user spends a lot of money on a computer; thus, he or she should not encounter performance issues such as long startup times, potential crashes, and other nuisances.

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