Apple iCloud Gets a New Class-action Suit

Source: Apple iCloud/ Apple

Apple gets a new lawsuit after a complainant pointed out that the company is participating in “unfair, unlawful, deceptive, and misleading practices” in promoting its iCloud services. The suit was filed by Danyelle Comer last week at the US District Court of the Northern District of California. It expresses dissatisfaction with the company’s transition from the paid MobileMe service to its iCloud successor.

Misrepresented Apple iCloud Services

According to the litigation, Apple “misrepresented” its iCloud with its marketing campaign. It insists on the “devastating consequences” that paying MobileMe customers have experienced, and that the company should’ve been prepared for the transition. The complaint reads:

“Throughout the migration, Apple failed to adequately ensure that features MobileMe users were paying for would be accessible, including access to their email accounts for which customers pay additional fees. As a result, numerous MobileMe users suffered damage from inability to access their individual accounts….

“Unfortunately for many users it doesn’t ‘just work’ and has resulted in a series of headaches due to lack of syncing ability, lack of email functionality and other complications and losses and corruption of data. In fact a number of users have been forced to hire outside technical assistance at significant cost, just to migrate to the iCloud platform or get around it to obtain minimal functionality of email and other systems.”

The iCloud Transition Issues Now and Then

Last October 2011, it was reported by AppleInsider that Apple was unable to merge their MobileMe users’ Apple IDs, which causes some issues during the transition to iCloud. Because of that, there were users who were forced to use another Apple ID to purchase applications and music other than the email address that they use for their preexisting MobileMe account. They were left to choose whether they’ll retain the email that is associated to their MobileMe account or the Apple ID that they used to purchase content.

Other than the MobileMe-to-iCloud transition issues, the lawsuit also focuses on the new cloud storage system’s downtime, which disables users to access their email and other services. It points a finger on Apple’s indication that the iCloud and MobileMe email accounts are online and operational when it is not actually the case. Because of this, users were not able to send and receive emails.


The class-action suit accuses Apple of violation of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Magnus-Woss Warranty Act, unjust enrichment, breach of express warranty, and breach of implied warranty of merchantability.

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