Square Enix Enlists Just Cause 4 Domains

Source: Just Cause/ Wikipedia

After the rumors that Just Cause 3 is in the works last year, there hasn’t been much news about the video game lately. But that is about to change, as it was discovered that Square Enix registered a number of Just Cause 4 domain last week.

Other than the dot-com domain, the game publisher has also registered the same domain name in various country code extensions. This includes domain for France, United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy.

No Just Cause 3 Release Date Yet

Other than the domain registration, Square Enix hasn’t released any official announcement with regards to Just Cause 4. There hasn’t been any news about Just Cause 3 either. It was reported by Xbox World magazine that developers at Avalanche Studios are working hard to make the game in time for a 2012 release.

Prior to this, the game developer were celebrating Just Cause 2’s chart-topping UK debut and high review scores. Because of this, Avalanche Studios’ Head Christopher Sundberg stated that they are keen on developing a third installment for the series.

“I think there are a lot of connections with [Avalanche and] the IP, and so we hope there’s still a future in it, and that future to live as long as us. We are absolutely interested in working with the Just Cause IP again.

“I personally wrote the original pitch for the game in early 2003, so it’s something that means a lot for me and for the people in this studio. The studio lives and breathes the Just Cause franchise, and handing that over to another developer would spoil it. No one has the attachment to this IP as we do.”

After garnering high review scores and claiming the top spot at ELSPA’s Gfk Chart-track All Formats Top 40 that time, Just Cause 2 has proved that Avalanche Studios can deliver big hits. This is despite the fact that they’ve struggled for more than a year before that. The Swedish game development studio had a series of layoff due to financial problems during that time. However, the second installment of the Just Cause series has brought them into stability and made them jovial after receiving critical praise.

“Just seeing all those review scores coming in was fantastic—especially from the sites that scored the first Just Cause a little bit lower than we hoped. That’s the most satisfying thing for us, but we’re delighted also that the game got to number one in the charts in the UK.”


Despite the lack of news, the latest domain registration by Square Enix indicates that official Just Cause news is on the way. It’s apparent that the game publisher has registered the Just Cause 4 domains for defensive measure.

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