Max Payne 3 for PC Ships on Four DVDs

Source: Max Payne 3/ Wikipedia

Indian distributor E-Xpress Interactive has confirmed that Max Payne 3’s PC version will ship on four DVDs. The said version has raised a few eyebrows because of its 35 GB minimum storage requirement.

More About Max Payne 3

Published and developed by Rockstar Games, Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter that lets players to assume the role of Max Payne. It features over-the-shoulder zoom aiming and cover mechanics, although it only serves as an addition to the game’s run-and-gun shooting. The game also marks the return of bullet-time in action sequence, wherein gamers can see every bullet make a hole in their foes.

In addition, it has the Last Man Standing mechanic, which frees the character from death for a little while if he has a painkiller on him. Just like the previous games, Max Payne 3 has retained the shoot-dodge mechanic, which enables Max to stay grounded after a dive and shoot 360 degrees around.

Set in São Paulo, Brazil, it was Rockstar Game’s intention to start a new chapter of Max Payne’s life in the game. As stated by Co-founder and President Sam Houser, “This is Max as we’ve never seen him before, a few years older, more world-weary and cynical than ever.”

According to the game developer’s press release, the titular character has left New York City behind in Max Payne 3 and has “drifted from bad to worse.” He has been double-crossed in the new city, and he’s searching for the truth and a way out.

Online Multiplayer Feature

Max Payne 3 has an online multiplayer feature that includes dynamic maps and modes. Moreover, the game has rewards, ranking and clan systems.

The game will let gamers create private crews with their friends or join up to five public crews at the same time, and they will gain XP by completing a task. The crew features include persistent Feuds, wherein a player will oppose a gang who’ve killed someone on a team. There is also the Social Club integration connect play across multiple titles such as Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V.

Downloadable Content

Last May 1, Rockstar Games announced that seven downloadable add-on packs will be released throughout the year via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Players can purchase the DLCs individually, or they can get all of it with more than 35 percent discount by buying a “Rockstar Pass.”

Prior to the Max Payne 3 release for Xbox 360 and PS 3, the game developer released a free bonus multiplayer DLC, the Gorilla Warfare. It includes the Gorilla Mask that gives extra adrenaline for a mishmash of kills from behind, the Lucky Coin that gives extra cash when looting bodies, and the Booby Traps Corpse that explodes when looted.


The game’s PC version is set for a June 1 release. Meanwhile the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have hit the stores last week.

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