Every Guy Needs One: Top 10 Most Fashionable Backpacks For Men

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Having at least one rucksack in your wardrobe is a must. Whether you opt for vintage or brand-spanking new and designer-branded, having a rucksack or backpack is the most traditional way a man can carry his many belongings.

It wasn’t long ago when the words “man purse” were on everyone’s lips. It was a bridge into the more feminine side of male fashion, which debuted on the catwalks before quickly turning up in all high street and online retailers. Following are some of the primary factors being considered when selecting top backpacks for men.  Pick the one that best fits your  fashion style and favorite trends.

1. comfort and wearability
2. volume capacity
3. weight efficiency
4. compartmental features
5. hydration capabilities
6. external straps and stability features
7. frame support
8. cost and value

For people who live an active, traveling life, having a backpack that suits your needs is really important. The backpack is a sturdy male companion. It has been there for us for over a century, as we have explored new lands, fought wars and earned our scout badges. Our two-strap friend is reliable and comfortable. Aas we load up on day to necessities, wouldn’t it be nice for our shoulders to share the load, rather than being battered and bruised?

Five Reasons, According to GQ,  Why You Own a Backpack

1. There are plenty of stylish options now available.
2. They are rugged and masculine. The man bag isn’t exactly frothing with testosterone—but the backpack is!
3. They’re better for your back than an over-the-shoulder style bag.
4. The rugged materials that most are made from make them more affordable than other types of bags.
5. You can take them with you on the ski slopes.

 Top Fashion Trendy Style Backpacks

1. A Kind Of Guise Rolled Backpack: The backpack is made entirely by hand with high quality leather featuring a front pocket and locking roll-down.They also do an all red version which is equally as bold.

2. Beams TIMADAM: One of the more interesting roll-top bags.  Pleasing color combinations and well-considered details make this a must-have.

3. Nanamica Cycling Pack: Not a cheap cycling bag by any stretch of the imagination, but beautifully designed. If you are going to go with the white bag, it’s probably best if you live somewhere with non-wet weather.

4. Fjällräven Rucksack 21: A nice move on a classic two strap backpack. The trim around the hood is a nice touch, as is the front pleat and the five colors to choose from.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Survey Backpack: More simple-yet-striking design work from the people at Herschel. The color options are particularly sharp.

6. BAG ‘n’ NOUN Napsac: The closing and handle straps are made from leather. The Bag’n’Noun products from Takeshi Ozawa are all handmade in a small factory in Osaka. Features a small inside pocket in the top flap.

7. Barbour Union Jack Beacon Rucksack: Barbour really upped the printed ante this season. There is nothing subtle about this rucksack.

8. Head Porter Bonsack: Although this technically doesn’t appear to be a rucksack, you could certainly squeeze your shoulder blades between what appears to be a decent length of rope, and the colors are delicious.

9. Carharrt Tramp Backpack: This has a thrift shop/vintage military feel to it, and also a fairly amusing style name.

10. Jansport Heritage: Nice range of simple and bright bags from Jansport. The new heritage label design is pretty sweet and a snip at fifty pounds.

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