Avengers Cocktails that Get You Smashed (Responsibly, Of Course)

Unless you’re been living under some kind of rock, and if you are then you wouldn’t be reading this, then you are well aware that Marvel’s Avengers is breaking all kinds of box office records and has become a global phenomenon.

As of this writing, the movie has already made close to $1.2 billion globally, making it fourth on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. Needless to say, everyone involved has reason to celebrate the success of The Avengers, whether it’s Disney, Marvel, the cast and crew, or the fans who have been waiting patiently to see how this project would unfold.

So, in honor of the box office smash that is The Avengers, here are some Avenger-themed cocktails for you to assemble courtesy of, who seem to have gotten it from The More I Arty Tumbler.

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