Under the Hood: 2013 SRT Viper’s Devilish Styles

Source: 2013 SRT Viper/ Drive SRT

With its V10 engine that produces 640 horsepower, curvy fenders and even the carbon treatment, the 2013 SRT Viper can take the spotlight from a number of sports cars. Although the vehicle’s potent engine and devilish design are the signature elements of SRT Macho, it has subtle cues that can be found under the hood.

Laguna Seca and Nürburgring

Being an intricate yet intriguing Easter Eggs that they are, the 2013 SRT Viper features outlines of tracks from the Viper’s ancestors. In the center-console storage tray is the tracing of Laguna Seca, while the door panels have Germany’s famed Nürburgring.

The details are part of the car manufacturer’s dramatic interior upgrade, in order to aggressively compete against supercars. Although previous SRT Viper generations are known for its race-bred performance, the cabin, materials and nature drew criticism.

The SRT Viper Technology

Other than its overhauled cabin, the 2013 SRT Viper also boasts cutting-edge technology that exudes power and usability.

Awe-inspiring Powertrain: Since big power is an important factor in the high-performance world, the car manufacturer combines robust material with complex engine management software to extract maximum power from each engine.

Ride and Handling Capabilities: Real-world calibration makes sure that a powerful luxury car can excel on both road courses and road trips. Each car model is designed to masterfully handle sophisticated circuits and city street lights, as well as hold its own on and off the track.

Benchmark Braking: SRT Viper may be known for its sheer speed and acceleration, but it also has benchmark braking system. Using Brembo’s brake power component, the vehicle can deliver shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, firmer pedal feel and less brake fade than other luxury cars.

Fuctional Exteriors: Dictated by the engineers rather than the designers, the car has high-speed stability that is defined by aerodynamics instead of electronic nanny. Its carefully sculpted body lines, underbelly design and lowered stance have functional purpose.

High Performance Interior: Designed to promote passenger comfort, the automaker uses the combination of metal, leather and fabric for the SRT Viper’s interior. The car features an upscale space at any speed with its aggressive seat bolsters, confidence-inspiring steering wheel and tasteful ambient lighting.


It’s obvious that the material and layout are integral for the cabin makeover, thus the tracks add a little bespoke feel to the vehicle. Regardless of the criticism, it would no longer require the 2013 SRT Viper to have an uphill battle against other high-end supercars.

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