BMW Zagato Coupe Makes a Debut at Villa d’Este

Source: BMW Zagato Coupe/ BMW Blog

The BMW Zagato Coupe made its public debut last May 25 at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como in Italy. Milanese coachbuilder Dr. Andrea Zagato teamed up with BMW to create the said car, a one-off model that is said to be the product of “injecting the emotional appeal of a concept car into a road-legal machine.”

Featuring Flamboyant Practicality

The vehicle features elegant, sporty styling that incorporates traditional elements from its manufacturers. BMW Zagato Coupe is designed to mark the renewed partnership between the automaker and the coachbuilder.

The car exhibits the familiar kidney grille, twin circular headlights and tapered BMW curves and line. The one-off coupe’s interior has different shades of gray leather, and its compact roofline flows towards the rear and contrasts with the long hood.

Other than the design, the vehicle was developed into something that could be driven and legally registered in most countries around the world. It is a handcrafted design study in aluminum and glass that manages to be road legal. Thus, the BMW Zagato Coupe features flamboyant practicality.

Showcasing Whimsical Design

The car may show the aggressiveness of BMW’s design, but it also has whimsical elements to it. The grille design has tiny “Z” characters that are neatly aligned, and it has a double-bubble roof that provides more helmet space inside and improves aerodynamics.

The one-off coupe boasts the exclusive Rosso Vivace red paint, and its color ranges from near-black to bright red, depending on the light’s angle. It is also based on ten layers: A black primer, topped with metallic silver, six coats of red, and two layers of clear coating to seal the paint.

BMW Zagato Coupe’s interior has two tones of gray leather with contrasting red stitch that cosset the driver and passenger. In addition, the manufacturers decided to match it with a custom luggage.

Since it is a design study, there’s a lack of detail of what is under the car’s hood. Other information such as the power plant or whether it will be sold is also a mystery. However, BMW pointed out the car’s 19-inch wheels, and that no pop-up or fixed spoilers are needed to keep the vehicle on the road.


It is BMW’s tradition to annually reveal a new and emotional car concept at the Villa d’Este event. Together with Dr. Andrea Zagato, the BMW Zagato Coupe was presented by the car manufacturer’s Chief Designer Adrian Van Hooydonk and Zagato’s Chief Designer Norihiko Harada.

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